Senator Hutchinson had a campaign rally at the Bell County GOP Headquarters this morning.  The problem is only seven people showed up that were not myself, KBH campaign staff, media and event speakers.

Two weeks ago KBH had her statewide five day long kick off bus tour that was sparsely attended.  You think KBH and her staff would have learned the first time around…

KBH’s campaign had advertised this event in the local paper and on twitter.

Here is the twitter announcement,

Kay is meeting with Bell County Republicans today in Temple: (link via @KBTXNews) #KBH #tcot #txgop

Here is the local paper’s announcement

Hutchison To Visit Central Texas
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison continues her quest Monday to unseat long-time Gov. Rick Perry.

Reporter: Micah T. Williams, KWTX Staff Writer

The Texas gubernatorial candidate will be on hand at 10:45 a.m. Monday to visit with Bell County Voters at the G.O.P. Headquarters located at 725 South General Bruce Drive in Temple.

The video below is what I took at the event and was edited by our social media gurus.

Join Team Perry today by becoming a Perry Home Headquarters!

2 responses to “SEVEN

  1. OUCH…

  2. Utterly pathetic showing from our Senior RINO Senator from Texas.

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