Choose Rick Perry for Texas Governor: August Recap.

Here is a great recap over at Will Franklin’s blog of the developments in Governor Perry’s campaign this past month.

August was a wild month for the Perry/Hutchison campaigns in Texas. There are a few campaign web videos that sum up the last half of the month.

My team, the Perry campaign, released this video, among others, on the morning of her announcement to mock Senator Hutchison’s inconsistent record on the issue of bailouts:

You can find lots of videos highlighting Senator Hutchison’s inconsistent record on

And just for the record, KBH voted not only for the TARP bailout, but she also voted in favor of auto company bailouts in April of this year.

Second, when Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison made her attempted announcement tour, her crowds were mindbogglingly tiny for someone who is the “most popular politician in Texas.” Austin American-Statesman reporter Ken Herman caught her hometown announcement in LaMarque on tape, and it is really cringe-worthy on just about every level:

Video from the Statesman here.

That is one of the most embarrassing web videos I have seen for a major candidate since “Macaca.” If this were a national content receiving more attention, this sort of video would have absolutely sunk a fledgling primary candidacy in an early Iowa, New Hampshire, or South Carolina caucus/primary.

Not that my team, the Perry camp, needed to rub it in any further, but to underscore Kay’s terrible week, we released this train wreck montage video with a few select quotes from bloggers and media who were paying attention:

For the rest of Will’s post visit his blog “Willisms.”

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