Have You Seen Washington Kay?

Have you seen Washington Kay? She seems to be missing! For the second time in two days, Senator Hutchison has evaded her day job to pursue her own political interests over the interests of Texans.

On Monday, Washington Kay bailed out on a vote to strip funding from ACORN. On Tuesday, the 16+ year Washington veteran skipped out on a vote that would have allowed the elimination of $1.7 BILLION in wasteful federal pork barrel spending. Texans are getting worried and asking where their Senator is. Help us find our Senator by downloading, printing, and posting our new flyer today:


Click here to download your own printable flyer.

If you have any information as to Senator Hutchison’s whereabouts, be sure to let us know about it via our Washington Kay Flip-Flop Alert System. Don’t hesitate to send us your pictures of the flyer posted in public places, and together we can find our missing Senator.

Help us keep DC politics out of Texas by becoming a Perry Home Headquarters today!

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