Update: Washington Kay MIA on Key ACORN Vote

Here is an update from the Perry Campaign on Senator Hutchinson’s missed ACORN vote.

Washington Kay MIA on Key ACORN Vote

Submitted by watchingkay on Tue, 09/15/2009 – 08:53

We know that Sen. Hutchison doesn’t believe the job she was elected to do is important enough to serve a full term. Now, as she tries to sneak her Washington politics into Texas, she is routinely missing important votes on legislation to protect taxpayers. Yesterday, Washington Kay missed a vote to cut federal funding to ACORN, the infamous, liberal group responsible for voter fraud, tax fraud, and blows to the housing market. Where in the world was Kay?

To answer the infuriating question, she was at a political fundraiser thousands of miles away. Now, we all know that Washington Kay’s fundraisers are notorious for symphonies of crickets, but the crickets resonating loudest yesterday were the ones heard when Sen. Hutchison’s name was called in the Senate Chamber.
The amendment in question was not a sure thing. Conservatives were sent into a frenzy yesterday, knowing that the important vote might be close and the outcome uncertain. With the Democratic majority in the Senate, every GOP vote is essential. Texans should not have to wonder, “It’s five o’clock—where’s my Senator?”

Today, Texans are still waiting for an apology from Washington Kay. She has proven that her political ambitions are far more important to her than voting to protect the interest of Texas taxpayers. Senator KAYCORN made ample time to vote for a $700 billion bailout but couldn’t take the time to protect Texans from subsidizing a liberal interest group.

Help us encourage our Senator to stay in DC and fight ACORN, Obama Care and Cap and Tax by becoming a Perry Home Headquarters!

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