KBH Reads Poll, Decides to Stay in DC

From the new Texas Tribune.

Rick Perry leads Kay Bailey Hutchison by 11 points in a new Rasmussen survey that’s out this morning.

That poll has Perry at 46 percent and Hutchison at 35 percent, with Debra Medina getting the support of 4 percent of voters. One in seven voters didn’t have a favorite.

Most voters — 60 percent — think Hutchison should keep her job as U.S. Senator while she’s running for governor. Hutchison has said she plans to resign to run, but that’s now on hold as she waits to vote on pending health care reform plans. Only 26 percent said she should resign. As for healthcare reform, 76 percent strongly oppose “the health care reform plan proposed by President Obama and the congressional Democrats.”

The telephone survey included 798 voters, was done on November 11 (Wednesday), and has a margin of error of 3.5 percent.

The gubernatorial results are similar to those of The Texas Tribune Poll, released last week, which had the two leading candidates 12 points apart.

After the poll came out Senator Hutchinson announced her intention to stay in DC until after the March 2010 primaries.   Coincidence, I think not.  Here are two news articles covering her announcement.


Dallas Morning News

And here of course is the Perry campaign’s response,

Statement From Texans for Rick Perry Spokesman Mark Miner:

“We are glad Senator Hutchison finally made a decision not to resign. It is unfortunate that while speaking about fighting in Washington for Texas, she also took the opportunity to attack Texas and our principled Republican leadership in the legislature. Governor Perry will continue to highlight the success of our great state and his vision for an even better future.”

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One response to “KBH Reads Poll, Decides to Stay in DC

  1. Kay Hutchison is a total RINO.

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