The Only Christian in the Texas House Announces 2010 Re-Election Effort

My former boss Texas State Representative Wayne Christian announces he is running for reelection in 2010.  As President of the Texas Conservative Coalition Rep. Christian will be in a strong position to be a player in the 82nd legislative session in 2011.  When the Republicans pick up a couple seats in the Texas House in the 2010 elections the Conservative Coalition will benefit by having a larger voting block.  There is even a chance that conservative Republicans will pick up enough House seats that the Conservative Coalition will be large enough to marginalize the moderate Republicans in the House who controlled the last legislative session.


St. Rep. Wayne Christian Announces 2010 Re-Election Effort

wayne-christianState Representative Wayne Christian has announced he will seek reelection in 2010.  Christian has just completed his 6th legislative session serving the residents of Nacogdoches, Shelby, San Augustine, Sabine, and Jasper counties and is widely known as a strong, conservative voice in the state legislature.   “As a native of East Texas, it is an honor to represent the values of our community and communicate the unique needs of our district,” Christian said.

“With many prayers and encouragement from constituents, I have decided to seek another term as state representative.  The trust my constituents have continued to place in me is humbling, and my family and I are endlessly grateful for their support,” said Christian.

He continued, “The legislature will face a myriad of challenging issues next session.  With federal legislation such as government-run health care and cap and trade possibly becoming a reality, the state legislature will have the responsibility of deciding the future of these programs in Texas.  It is more important now than ever to have a solid conservative presence in Austin to fight these overreaching federal mandates.”

Legislators will also undertake the process of redistricting, which will have a crucial impact on our state for years to come.

In addition to the implications this process will have on the political affiliations of the Congressmen we send to Washington, redistricting will impact East House Rep MapTexas as rural interests vie with the issues of growing urban areas.  As more and more seats are held by urban legislators, it will become increasingly important that rural Texas retains its effective representation.

To complicate matters, the legislature will have to pass a balanced budget with exceptionally limited funds, as a result of the slow economy.

As the President of the Texas Conservative Coalition, Representative Christian has been an outspoken advocate for fiscal restraint and the preservation of the state’s ‘rainy day fund.’  He commented, “Our careful spending habits over the last few years will pay off next session by allowing us to continue to meet the state’s needs despite our limited resources.”

Representative Christian has been consistently recognized as a conservative Republican for his strong commitment to government spending, protection of free markets, and promotion of family and faith-protecting legislation.

In addition to being awarded the Legislator of the Year by the American Legislative Exchange Council, he has been named a Taxpayer Hero by Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Most Conservative by the Texas Eagle Forum, a Conservative Leader by the Heritage Alliance, a Champion of Free Enterprise by the Texas Association of Business, and received a 100% Conservative Voting Record from Texas Insider.

House FloorHe was also honored to be named one of the ‘worst legislators’ by Texas Monthly and the Texas Observer, both liberal, Austin-based publications.  Editors criticized his ’socially conservative playbook’, which included carrying legislation to abolish property taxes, require drug tests in order to receive state aid, eliminate scholarships for illegal aliens, and protect private property rights.

Christian concluded, “The unprecedented struggle we are currently facing in our state and nation only motivates me to fight harder to preserve our conservative ideals.  I look forward to making the voices of East Texans heard throughout the 82nd legislative session.”

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