Two-thirds of State Republican Executive Committee Endorse Gov. Perry for Re-election

Two-thirds of State Republican Executive Committee Endorse Gov. Perry for Re-election!

Two Endorsees Leave Leadership Roles with Hutchison Campaign to Support Gov. Perry

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today received the endorsement of 41 State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) members, representing more than two-thirds of the state’s 62-member SREC. Two endorsees, James Barnes of District 19 and Charlie Garza of District 29, recently left leadership positions on Sen. Hutchison’s campaign to support Gov. Perry. “Gov. Perry is clearly the candidate that Texas needs moving forward,” said SD-29 Committeeman Charlie Garza. “His conservative leadership has given Texas the competitive edge it needs to push through the challenges presented by a sluggish national economy, and has generated an outstanding quality of life that all Texans have the opportunity to take hold of. Sen. Hutchison is better suited to fight for Texans from her current position in the U.S. Senate.” “Gov. Perry and his campaign have demonstrated that you can attract new people to the Republican Party without sacrificing conservative principles,” said SD-19 Committeeman James Barnes. “The forward momentum of the campaign can be attributed to a strong and growing grassroots effort built around the governor’s positive message of lower taxes, less government and job creation.” “I am deeply honored to have the support of so many Texans who have committed themselves to growing and strengthening the Republican Party and conservative values across our state,” said. Gov. Perry. “Our commitment to conservative values based on limited government, low taxes, personal liberty and a respect for life are the principles that will maintain our state’s strength and opportunity for years to come. I am eager to continue working with Texas Republican leadership to ensure our party sticks to these priorities and remains strong well into the future.” Visit to watch a video of the 41 SREC members who have endorsed Gov. Perry:

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Mr. Steve Findley, District 1 Mr. John Cook, District 2 Ms. Dianne Caron, District 3 Mr. Jim Wiggins District 3 Ms. Bernice Lewis, District 5 Mr. Hal Talton, District 5 Ms. Glenda Bowles, District 6 Mr. Rex Teter, District 6 Mr. Clint Moore, District 7 Ms. Valoree Swanson, District 7 Ms. Jane Burch, District 9 Mr. Tim Hoy, District 9 Ms. Leslie Recine, District 10 Ms. Sheryl Berg, District 11 Mr. Dennis Paul, District 11 Mr. Tom Quinones, District 12 Mr. Rex Lamb, District 13 Ms. Bonnie Lugo, District 13 Mr. Brian Russell, District 14 Ms. Davida Stike, District 14 Ms. Nelda Eppes, District 15 Mr. Josh Flynn, District 15 Mr. Daniel Pickens, District 16 Mr. Bruce Campbell, District 17 Ms. Terese Raia, District 17 Ms. Phyllis Worsham, District 18 Mr. James Barnes, District 19 Ms. Gayla Gabro Miller, District 19 Mr. Bob Jones, District 20 Ms. Amy Clark, District 21 Mr. John Larrison, District 21 Mr. Chris DeCluitt, District 22 Mr. Skipper Wallace, District 24 Ms. Jan Koehne, District 25 Dr. Johnny Lovejoy, II, District 26 Mr. Russ Duerstine, District 28 Ms. Cheri Isett, District 28 Mr. Charlie Garza, District 29 Ms. Mary Holmsley, District 29 Ms. Benona Love, District 31 Mr. Jason Moore, District 31.

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These SREC members join former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the Texas Municipal Police Association, Texas Chemical Council, Texas Society of Professional Engineers, RNC Committeewoman Cathie Adams, Texas Right to Life, Houston Realty Business Coalition, Texas Apartment Association, Texas Republican County Chairman Association President Linda Rogers, Heidi Group Founder Carol Everett, Texas Alliance for Life, Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association PAC, Texas Home School Coalition PAC, Texans for Life Coalition President Kyleen Wright, Conservative Republicans of Texas President Dr. Steve Hotze, Free Market Foundation President Kelly Shackelford, Texas Chiropractic Association, Americans for Prosperity State Director Peggy Venable, Texas State Association of Fire Fighters, Texas Association of Realtors, Texas Civil Justice League PAC, Texas Oil Gas Association President Rob Looney, Concerned Women for America State Director Ann Hettinger, Texas Optometric Association PAC, Texas Pest Control Association, energy entrepreneur T. Boone Pickens, Texas Recreational Vehicle Association, Texas Poultry Federation, Justice at the Gate Founder Alice Patterson, Texas Cattle Feeders Beef-PAC, Eagle Forum Founder Phyllis Schlafly, Texas Pharmacy Business Council, Texas Podiatric Medical Association, Texas Association for Interior Design, former Texas Republican Party Chairman Susan Weddington, former U.S. Secretary of Education Bill Bennett, Family Research Council Action PAC Chairman Tony Perkins, WallBuilders President and Founder David Barton, Texas Association of Builders HOMEPAC, Manufacturers PAC of Texas, Texas Medical Association TEXPAC, Texas Society of Anesthesiologists PAC, Texas Restaurant Association PAC, Vision America Founder Dr. Rick Scarborough, Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas PAC, Recreational Fishing Alliance, Texas Recreational Fishing Alliance, Texas Nursery and Landscape Association PAC and Career Colleges and Schools of Texas in their endorsement of Gov. Perry.

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