2009: A KAYotic Year

2009: Thanks For The Memories, Senator Hutchison


Jan. 1: Campaign website brags “Hutchison leads Perry by 24 point margin in early poll.”
Jan. 8: Says “I haven’t yet put out my platform and vision for Texas, but I’m going to have one and it’s going to be a bold vision for the next 25 years to put Texas where it needs to be.”
Jan. 11: Skips first U.S. Senate vote of the year; will skip 25 votes in 2009.
Jan. 14: Resignation reports: “She won’t resign before the end of the year, and hasn’t made up her mind when or if she’ll resign.” She will “stay here this year regardless.” “She subsequently equivocated a bit, saying she still could resign very late this year — or ‘stay for two years.’”
Jan. 15: Says: “If I step down, it would be in late 2009, if at all.”


Feb. 1: Appears with John Kerry on “Meet the Press” to discuss Obama’s $787 billion stimulus – and agrees with Kerry: “I would extend unemployment insurance.”
Feb. 6: Skips six votes related to President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus, including a vote to deny stimulus funds to ACORN.
Feb. 24: Campaign website brags about new poll showing Sen. Hutchison leading Gov. Perry, 56-31, with headline “Hutchison with large lead over Perry.”
Feb. 28: Defends her personal request of 104 earmarks costing taxpayers $250 million in $410 billion FY09 omnibus bill.


Mar. 12: When Gov. Perry rejects strings-attached stimulus unemployment insurance dollars, issues a statement that “did not directly say whether she agreed with his position.”
March 16: Campaign website does not publish new poll showing Sen. Hutchison leading Gov. Perry, 36-30.
Mar. 17: Campaign website posts a newspaper editorial describing Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Gov. Perry as “a bit odd and even more risky.”
Mar. 17: Houston Chronicle mocks Sen. Hutchison for “No on bill, yes on pork” stance on $410 billion omnibus: “Talking out of both sides of one’s mouth is what Washington is about. But let’s see how well that strategy works for Hutchison back home.”
Mar. 23: Confuses reporters regarding her position on strings-attached stimulus unemployment insurance dollars, giving multiple answers and saying, “But also at the same time to try to assure that we don’t take on more that will cost in the future which he has said which I agree with him on.”


April 2: Votes to allow U.S. government to use $20 billion of the $700 billion Wall Street bailout she previously voted for in 2008 to bailout the automobile industry; also votes to authorize climate change legislation.
April 2: Dallas Morning News says “Hutchison’s income tax assertions misleading” after she claims, “I was the only state official that stood up against the governor and the lieutenant governor in 1991.” Campaign spokesman says, “There were other folks out there talking about it. True.”
April 14: Sen. Hutchison’s earmarks included in 2009 Congressional Pig Book, an annual report on pork-barrel spending in federal budget.
April 27: As voter ID debate continues in Texas Legislature, Austin American-Statesman reports “Hutchison largely stayed out of the public discussion about the voter ID bill.”
April 29: Votes against legislation from Nevada’s Harry Reid to make state sales tax deduction permanent, but later claims to have written the law in campaign ads.


May 7: Campaign website does not publish new poll showing Gov. Perry leading Sen. Hutchison, 42-38.
May 17: As Houston mayor Bill White tells supporters Sen. Hutchison assured him she will resign and force special election in May 2010, Houston Chronicle publishes an editorial: “Do tell: Will she or won’t she? Only the senator knows for sure.”


June 24: Campaign website does not publish new poll showing Gov. Perry leading Sen. Hutchison, 33-21.


July 9: Campaign website does not publish new poll showing Gov. Perry leading Sen. Hutchison, 38-26.
July 16: Campaign website does not publish new poll showing Gov. Perry leading
Sen. Hutchison, 46-36.
July 28: Four months after the fact, writes op-ed criticizing Gov. Perry for rejecting strings-attached stimulus unemployment insurance dollars.
July 29: Tells Dallas radio station she is leaving Senate in “October, November, in that time frame,” then tells NPR that she will stay in Senate if Gov. Perry drops out of the race.
July 30: New campaign website is banned by Google and Yahoo for dirty campaign tricks.


Aug. 17: “Announcement tour” kicks off in her hometown of La Marque (which was pronounced by announcer “la-mark-ee”), drawing dozens of supporters and ridicule in video from Austin American-Statesman; promises term limits for Texas governor despite breaking pledge she made in 1993 to serve only two terms as Senator.
Aug. 17: Says “I’m going to be leaving some time before the end of this year, I feel sure.”
Aug 20: Texas Watchdog asks “Did Kay Bailey Hutchison cross an ethical line by supporting a rail line that is a payday for her husband?”
Aug. 31: Draws seven supporters to a publicized campaign event in Temple.


Sept. 14: Skips vote to defund ACORN to attend political fundraiser in Texas.


Oct. 5: Misses vote to pass cell phone jamming legislation she introduced two months after Gov. Perry wrote Texas’ Congressional delegation asking for such legislation.
Oct. 5: Promotes cap on campaign contributions despite opposing them in past and offering membership in “KBH Club” to $100,000 donors.
Oct. 6: Votes to use $165 million intended for military training and operations for Congressional earmarks instead.
Oct. 7: Club For Growth labels Sen. Hutchison a “Big Spender” for supporting every Obama spending bill.
Oct. 9: Dallas Morning News reports Sen. Hutchison has sponsored $8.7 billion in earmarks over the past five years, with the figure expected to surpass $10 billion this year.
Oct. 13: Dodges questions from Dallas radio station regarding her resignation: “I can’t say anything right now because I don’t know.”
Oct. 20: Named “Porker of the Month” by Citizens Against Government Waste for the third time in her career.


Nov. 3: Campaign website does not publish new poll showing Gov. Perry leading Sen. Hutchison, 42-30.
Nov. 9: Promises Texans: “I will use every option provided to us in the Senate to filibuster this legislation.”
Nov. 13: Campaign website does not publish new poll showing Gov. Perry leading Sen. Hutchison, 46-35.
Nov. 14: Announces she will not resign from the Senate before primary, promising to stay in Washington to fight “government takeover of health care.”
Nov. 17: Skips vote to end Republican filibuster of controversial liberal judicial nominee David Hamilton.
Nov. 22: On “Meet the Press,” refuses to say whether Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner should be fired because of country’s economic woes, but does say, “We shouldn’t keep our jobs either.”
Nov. 29: On WFAA’s “Inside Texas Politics,” says she wishes she could take back her vote for the $700 billion Wall Street bailout.
Nov. 30: Skips first day of Senate’s health care debate to campaign in Texas while TV ad airs featuring
Sen. Hutchison promising to do “everything I can to stop the government takeover of health care.”


Dec. 7: Files for governor, ignoring criticism she directed at past political opponent who ran for one office while holding another; skips veterans ceremony to attend campaign event.
Dec. 9: Dallas Morning News responds to campaign’s claim that Sen. Hutchison supported 2003 redistricting efforts with headline “Hutchison supported redistricting? Really? Why didn’t she say so at the time?”
Dec. 11: Houston Chronicle reports
Sen. Hutchison may have broken state law by using over $11,000 in taxpayer funds to travel to political fundraisers where she raised over $700,000.
Dec. 18: Votes with 60 Democrats and Maine Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe to end Republican filibuster designed to delay health care bill, defending the procedural vote as being in support of our troops.
Dec. 19: Twice opposes procedural motions on defense bill, then defends vote to break filibuster to Fox News by falsely stating: “By the time I got to the floor, they had the 60 votes” despite C-SPAN footage showing otherwise.
Dec. 21: Dallas Morning News reports “In health care debate, Hutchison’s bark comes with little bite.”
Dec. 21: Tea Party protests are held at
Sen. Hutchison’s offices in Dallas, Houston, and Austin because of her vote with the Democrats.
Dec. 24: Senate passes health care bill.
Dec. 29: Reveals multi-billion dollar transportation proposal without offering any way to pay for it; says “I don’t think now is the time to talk about money.”

* Sources available at www.WashingtonKay.com

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