Texas Continues to Lead the Nation in Job Creation

As further evidence that Texas economy continues to be one of the strongest in the country, the Texas Workforce Commission announced last week that the State’s November unemployment rate dropped to 8.0 percent from 8.3 percent in October. Over the past two months while the nation as a whole lost 122,000 jobs, Texas gained nearly 70,000 jobs, which is promising news for those Texans looking for employment.

“A decrease in our unemployment rate, which is a full two percentage points below the national average is a pretty strong validation of the approach we take here in Texas and bears out what employers and national business publications have been saying about our state. Unemployment is still an issue for too many families, but our state will keep working to cultivate a job-friendly business climate until every Texan who wants a job can have one,” Governor Rick Perry said.

2 responses to “Texas Continues to Lead the Nation in Job Creation

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  2. Texas will get more jobs. Here is a link to a news video talking about Texas back to work initiative:


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