Sen. Hutchison’s Transportation Attacks Steering Texans the Wrong Way

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Sen. Hutchison this morning released what her campaign claimed to be a “game-changing” television ad. In this “game,” they reached a new high score in misleading Texans.

Here’s what the ad should have said if Sen. Hutchison was being honest.

KBH Credibility Check: “Road Signs” Ad Leads Public In Wrong Direction

Submitted by watchingkay on Tue, 01/05/2010 – 09:39

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s struggling campaign continues to mislead the public with her latest negative television ad. In a 30-second span of dishonesty, her campaign attempts to spread myths about the nonexistent Trans-Texas Corridor project.

Sen. Hutchison’s latest negative ad, which her campaign said would be a game-changer, has turned out to be a channel-changer.  Not only is the ad factually incorrect, Sen. Hutchison does not offer one new idea to meet the transportation needs of a state that is growing by more than 1,000 people a day.  Just like a Washington politician, when Sen. Hutchison does put forward an idea, she has no idea how to pay for it. Texans can’t afford Sen. Hutchison.

It is against Texas law to convert existing roads to toll roads without a local public vote, though Sen. Hutchison may be unaware of that fact considering she has been in Washington for the past 17 years. Gov. Perry signed legislation sponsored by former State Representative Mike Krusee and then-State Senator and current Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples prohibiting such a conversion into law in 2005 (HB2702, 79th session). The Texas Transportation Commission has also recommended to the Federal Highway Administration that it disapprove construction of the TTC-35.

Ironically, while Sen. Hutchison continues to misrepresent the management of toll roads in Texas, her own recently released transportation plan promotes toll roads. She has also proposed building a high speed rail corridor connecting Houston, San Antonio and Dallas identical to the Texas T-Bone that would cost an estimated $24.1 billion to build without offering any way to pay for it. On Dec. 29, 2009, the day she unveiled her transportation plan, Sen. Hutchison admitted as much, saying, “I don’t think now is the time to talk about money.”

We think most Texans would respectfully disagree.  Unlike Washington big-spenders, we do think about how to pay for things in Texas.

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