Update: There are Republicans in Travis County!

In an effort to highlight some of the men and women who are running for office as Republicans in Travis County here is Patrick McGuinness’ press release about his filing for HD-50 which is currently being held by Democrat MTV hipster Mark Strama.

Today, January 4th, I filed to run for Texas State Representative in House District 50. As a resident of Austin for almost two decades, my wife Celeste and I have made our home and raised our family of four children here. As an engineer working in semiconductor industry at Motorola and Freescale since 1991, I’ve seen and participated in both the opportunities and challenges of our global high-technology economy. I love Austin and I’m proud to call our children native Texans.

I am running because I care about our freedom and our future. Politicians in Washington are squandering our future, harming our financial security and attacking our liberties. I want to stand up and secure a better future for all our children.

I will bring smart, principled leadership to the challenges that face this district and the state of Texas. I am a small-Government conservative who will stand up against the current tide of bad, failed big-Government liberalism.

I will work for you and fight for our jobs, our families and our freedom.

I ask for your vote and your help as I seek to earn the trust of the voters of this district. Please join “Patriots for McGuinness” and help me win back this district for freedom and conservative values.

Best Regards,

Patrick McGuinness, PhD

Email: patmcguinness.phd@gmail.com


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/patrickmcguinness

Twitter: http://twitter.com/patmcguinness

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