HD-52 Candidate Preview, Stephen Casey

Yesterday we looked at Larry Gonzales who is running the in the Republican primary for HD-52.  Today we will take a look at another Republican HD-52 candidate, Stephen Casey.

The four Republican candidates are,

Larry Gonzales
Stephen Casey
John Gordon
Alyssa Eacono (If anyone knows what Alyssa’s campaign website is please pass it along)

The Williamson County Republican Assembly is having an HD-52 GOP Candidates forum on Jan. 19th.  Go hear from the candidates yourself and make up your own mind.  For more information on the forum visit the WilCoRA website.


Round Rock, TX – Stephen Casey today filed for the Republican nomination for Texas House District 52.  Casey has been campaigning for the nomination since March of 2009 and has talked with thousands of voters throughout the district from Round Rock to Taylor and everywhere in between.  He is running on a platform of servant leadership that is caring, conservative and common sense.

“We have many conservatives in Texas, yet a shortage of servant leaders,” Casey said.  “Asking voters ‘How can I serve you?’ and then listening to their responses, with an eye to dealing with the issues in the legislature, forms the heart of servant leadership.”

It’s most clearly seen on Casey’s website (www.stephencasey.net) on the “Issues” page, which Casey wrote himself.  “It goes ‘beyond bullet points,’ he adds, “and contains the links and data to guide the policies the voters have told him they need.  I didn’t pay someone to write it because voters need a window into what I believe rather than what someone can write about me.”

Casey continues, “This campaign’s unique approach is breathing new life into people tired of the current political scene that tends to be focused on the surface qualities of candidate—‘electability’ or ‘total fundraising’—rather than where it should be: serving people.”

Stephen Casey served 8 years in the Navy and received his Bachelor of Arts (Double Major-Biblical Studies and History/Political Science) from LeTourneau University, followed by seminary and then law school.  He later clerked for Justice Scott Brister of the Supreme Court of Texas. He currently runs his law practice out of his home. He is married and has 5 children.

***For Press Inquiries please contact Santiago Betancourt at 512.731.5958***

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