Gov. Perry Blogger Summit Round Up

Gov. Perry Hosts 2010 Bloggers Summit

Encourages Conservative Influencers to Harness Power of Social Media in Outreach Efforts

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today hosted the 2010 Perry Bloggers Summit which offered supporters and grassroots leaders insight into social media strategies and practices that will enable them to best utilize online technologies in the governor’s re-election campaign.

Gov. Perry and his campaign have utilized social media tools to a degree unlike any other race across the state and recognize it as a crucial component in the campaign effort. Employing networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn and other online tools, including personalized emails and videos, text messaging, and the Texans for Rick Perry website (, Gov. Perry is working to get Texans more deeply engaged in conversation about the important issues facing all Texans. In September, Gov. Perry hosted an unprecedented live streamed event, Talkin’ Texas, where Texans were able to log in from across the state to hear his vision for Texas moving forward and share the accomplishments Texas has achieved under his leadership.

Panel discussions were hosted by nationally recognized bloggers and social media experts including Andrew Breitbart of, conservative writer and commentator Matt Lewis, and Roger L. Simon, CEO of  The three panels focused respectively on turning social media platforms into hubs for activism, fundraising, voter turnout and political action; keeping conservatives engaged and upholding the momentum of 2010 Republican victories; and how to grow readership, influence other influencers, develop a recognized web presence, and overcome the biases of mainstream media.

Here is a round up of other peoples posts on the bloggers summit.

From Robbie Coopers Urbangrounds.

A Day at the Gun Range with Governor Rick Perry

I joined about 10-12 other bloggers, to include Andrew Breitbart, Matt Lewis, Roger Simon, Kathleen McKinley (Right Wing Sparkle) and Dr. Melissa Clouthier at Red’s Indoor Range (South) in Austin this afternoon for one of the most unusual and completely awesome campaign events that I have ever heard of — shooting guns with the governor of Texas.

This thing had security nightmare written all over it — especially the day after a crazed man opened fire on the steps of the Texas Capital (Rick Perry’s office, effectively). As near as I can tell, there was only one Security man in the range with about 12-15 armed citizens and Gov. Perry. And his Security agent looked nervous as hell…but Gov. Perry insisted upon doing this event.

Seriously…think about it…the room we were in was effectively a hallway, about 5′ wide and 40′ long. All of us crammed in there, all of us holding loaded weapons. With only one Security agent. But, the truth is, Gov. Perry couldn’t have been in a safer room anywhere in the world.

Not only was Gov. Perry gracious enough to stop and chat with everyone in the room, but he took the time to actually allow a number of us to shoot his personal handgun, a Ruger LCP .380 with laser sight. And Governor Perry stood by and gave tips and pointers on shooting (the Gov. is a deadly shot).

Full Post here, Urbangrounds.

From Pajamas Media Roger L Simon

Shootin’ with the Governor (Perry)

The last time I fired a gun I almost killed somebody. Well, not really. But it sure generated a lot of guffaws from my hosts, a group of Russian filmmakers. I was up in Siberia, of all places, about seven years ago, as a juror at a film festival and was taken rifle shooting on a frozen biathlon course. I missed the target by about twenty yards, knocking several branches off a nearby tree.

So naturally I had a moment’s trepidation when invited to go shooting with Governor Rick Perry of Texas as part of an event he was staging for bloggers in his home territory of Austin. On the other hand I had never been to the Texas capital and the charismatic governor interested me. So I accepted his invitation with pleasure. But just to be careful – I figured Perry had to be a good shot and didn’t want to embarrass myself – I went over to the LAX Los Angeles Firing Range to take a half hour lesson with a retired Marine.

As it happened – you’re probably not going to believe this (I almost don’t myself) – I turned out to be a crack shot or sort of. To the shock of the ex-Marine, I hit a number of near bull’s eyes with a 9mm Smith & Wesson semi-automatic.

I assumed it was beginner’s luck and was still a bit nervous when I lined up with several bloggers yesterday at the firing line of Red’s Indoor Range South in Austin, but I was almost as good with the Glock they gave me there. This time I even have video to prove it, which will appear on PJTV in a few days replete with a shot of the Governor praising my shooting. (Yes, I asked him to do it.) Of course, I was nowhere near as good as Perry who, as expected, was about as schooled a governor with firearms as we have. He was also an extremely gracious host, showing several of us how to operate laser guided pistols and so forth.

Later, a smaller group of us had dinner with the Governor at a place called the Moonshine Grill. There I got a chance to talk with him at length and I have to say, of all the politicians I have spoken with since the beginning of PJM, of whom there have been at this point more than a few, he seems to be the most genuinely interested in new media. He believes in it – in an odd way – perhaps even more than I do. As evidence, while we were at the dinner table, he pulled out his MacBook Pro and went online. Not even Andrew Breitbart, seated next to me, was so wired.

I have to say we were impressed. He is also a very affable, down-to-earth person who is no doubt well-positioned for the new Tea Party era. Indeed, recent polls have shown a tremendous swing in his favor in his race for the Republican nomination against Kay Bailey Hutchison for the position he already holds. Hutchison is supported, titularly at least, by the old guard – Rove, Bush 41, etc. But in these Scott Brown days, it’s not particularly good to be an old guard – or associated with one.

I did make one blunder, however. I started to eat before the Governor said Grace. Of course, that’s not surprising, since I am the last of the village atheists (or close). I have to admit I expected to be put off a bit by Perry’s religiosity, but I wasn’t at all. Perhaps that has more to do with me than with him. Although I am agnostic (not an atheist – who could really be one?), I have a growing respect, maybe even an envy, for religious people. And it’s not just because they seem to have better values than most people and often actually seem to behave better. It’s self-interest. The older I get, the more I want to believe in an after-life. (So far no luck.)

Now I’m off to appear on a panel – payment, I suppose, for the shooting instruction and the free meal.

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  1. The last time I fired a gun I almost killed somebody. Well, not really. But it sure generated a lot of guffaws from my hosts, a group of Russian filmmakers.

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