Governor Perry Clearly Defined His Conservative Vision Tonight

Texans for Rick Perry

Governor Perry clearly defined his conservative vision tonight, highlighting his record that has helped Texas keep the nation’s best state economy in the wake of Washington’s fiscal irresponsibility. Earlier this evening, Governor Perry emerged victorious over his challengers in the BELO debate.

The campaign is already receiving a tremendous surge of support and affirmation of the governor’s performance, as voters all across the state are praising the candidate with Texas values and a rock-solid conservative record of cutting taxes, creating jobs, taking efforts to secure the border in the absence of leadership in Washington, and strengthening our schools so that our children will have the skills necessary to compete in this globally-competitive economy.

Momentum remains on our side as Texans work to secure the future of our state by electing Rick Perry. To help Governor Perry’s final push towards a decisive victory on March 2nd :

Governor Perry’s unwavering resolve for Texas’ future is stronger than ever. Even though the hours are long, the travel is far, and the time is short, Governor Perry’s incredibly high energy and principled spirit leave voters all across Texas with no doubt that he is the right man for the job.

During these final 32 days of the campaign, your continued support is crucial to victory. Early voting begins February 16th, and, as part of the largest grassroots effort in Texas’ history, your advocacy will ensure a Perry victory in the March Primary! As always thank you for your tireless efforts for good government. God bless.

Rob Johnson, Campaign Manager
Texans for Rick Perry

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