Hutchison Named “Porker of the Year” Runner-Up

Hutchison Named “Porker of the Year” Runner-Up For 2009 By Citizens Against Government Waste

Senator says “I don’t do pork” but has been called “Queen of Earmarks” for requesting $10 billion worth

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison was today unveiled as the “Porker of the Year” runner-up for 2009 by Citizens Against Government Waste (GAGW). Appearing on CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning, GAGW president Tom Schatz said that Sen. Hutchison finished second to Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank in the 2009 “Porker of the Year” balloting.

In announcing her runner-up finish, Schatz described Sen. Hutchison as “one of those individual members of Congress who unfortunately says that they are a fiscal conservative and yet she asked for about one-and-a-half billion dollars in pork-barrel projects for the current fiscal year. So you have telling the folks back home that I’m doing well, and then you have the actual record, so there is the hypocritical part of that.” (VIDEO:

“With a 17-year career in Washington of voting for bailouts, record deficits, and billions in earmarks, Senator Hutchison is once again being recognized for her bad spending habits,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “We hope the senator and her campaign enjoy the delivery of pork today on behalf of Texans for Rick Perry.”

This afternoon, the Hutchison campaign is being delivered 10 pulled pork sandwiches, one for every billion dollars in earmarks she has requested in her career.

During a 2006 Senate debate, Sen. Hutchison infamously said, “I don’t do pork,” but in 2009 she was called the “Queen of Earmarks” by the San Antonio Express-News for her more than $10 billion in earmarks, “a staggering sum that has never been tallied before. It ranks her among the most successful earmarkers in congressional history.” (SOURCES: “Candidates clash over Iraq,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 10/26/06; “Texas senator is queen of earmarks,” San Antonio Express-News, 10/9/09)

Tell Senator Hutchinson Texans do not want pork, they want real leadership by joining Governor Perry’s campaign here,

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