Rick Green: Chuck Norris Approved!

Chuck Norris has endorsed Texas Supreme Court Candidate Rick Green.  Rick Green has been working hard on the campaign trail locking up the conservative grassroots support as the following PR shows.  It is interesting that unlike the other candidates in the race Green has been solely going after conservative grassroots activists and leaving the lawyer/ law firm crowd for the other candidates to go after.

Unlike Green, Texas Supreme Court Candidate Jeff Brown has gone after a more traditional constituency for a judicial race and has earned the endorsement of George Strake, Former Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas and former Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court Tom Phillips.

It will be interesting to see whos endorsements are worth more on election day, what do you think?

For Immediate Release
February 5th 2010

Chuck Norris Endorses Rick Green

Former State Representative Rick Green has scored several key endorsements in his bid for the
Texas Supreme Court. Actor and martial arts champion Chuck Norris announced his support for
Green in his WorldNetDaily column. “As a former state legislator and constitutional scholar
trained to defend our nation’s founding principles,” Norris wrote, “Green is exactly the kind of
justice we need serving on the Texas Supreme Court.”

Norris’ statement comes on the heels of an endorsement from Tim Lambert of the Texas Home
School Coalition PAC. Lambert cites Green’s understanding of the proper Judicial role and his
strong support of parental rights as reasons for supporting him. “We are thrilled to have the
support of such outstanding leaders,” Green said. “Tim and Chuck are both fine Americans and
strong voices for conservatism and family values. We are grateful for the work they do, and for
their support.”

In addition, Green has launched a considerable social media campaign which has garnered over
7,000 Facebook fans and a large support on Twitter. “Our goal was to mount an aggressive social
media and grassroots campaign that has not been seen in a Supreme Court race before and I think
we are succeeding,” Rick said.

Green feels this type of momentum will produce a strong showing at the polls in the Republican
Primary on March 2nd
Will we see some hillarious Chuck Norris approved ads like Governor Huckabee did in the 2008 Presidential election?  I sure hope so.

One response to “Rick Green: Chuck Norris Approved!

  1. I think the people have more vote than the lawyers. Or at least I hope they do 🙂

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