Polatik: Much More Than a Rap Song

Our friends at the Waco TEA Party have a great story about a local TEA Party activists, “Polatik” and how he is changing his community for the better.  Thanks to Polatik making a difference in Waco and McLennan County.

Here is a video of Polatik in action

On September 3rd, thousands of Central Texans were introduced to local rapper Polatik. His hip-hop lyrics dazzled the throngs that evening and coaxed many hip-hop-haters to sing along to lyrics like “As long as power’s with the people, we will never give up.”

Polalik’s lyrics speak his heart and his mind. Polatik, by his real name David Saucedo, has overcome some great obstacles in his short 25 years. Growing up in some of Waco’s worse neighborhoods, David was introduced to drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity at a young age. It did not take him long to dive down a path of street life and eventually find himself locked up in one of Texas’ toughest prisons.

It was there where David really found a great fondness for reading, not necessarily because he wanted to, but because “there was nothing else to do. I had to keep my mind busy.” As his knowledge expanded, David grew more and more weary and aware of his past transgressions.

After his release from prison, David soon met his wife Michelle, whose impact brought him to a closer relationship with God. David quickly points out that it was not the books, the new knowledge, the shame of his record, or even his wife that gave him the strength to overcome his history. Only that kind of strength and that kind of power, he says, could be found in the grace of God.

Since then, David has set out to change his life for the better. He has enrolled in classes at MCC and taken on ownership in his own company. He is setting his course to live his dreams.

In his spare time, David writes and records new hip-hop songs about the world as he sees it, life, politics, and religion. Polatik has become a sort of a local phenom among Waco’s youth. David is setting his course to live his dreams.

David’s main purpose, as he sees it, is his mission to inspire young kids to think big and to live their dreams and to avoid the trouble that plagued his life at such an early stage.

David is a volunteer for, and strong supporter of, Right Track Ministries. Right Track Ministries has formed an elective before-school program at several local middle schools. This program coaches kids on realizing their dreams, their potentials, and setting a realistic action plans to accomplish their dreams.

The Dare to Dream Program at Lake Air, Caesar Chavez, and Brazos Middle Schools teaches kids many simple messages, such as David’s message for children that “your dreams belong to you, and no one but you can accomplish them.”

Kids dream with their imagination, and their imaginations are fully operational in this program. These middle schoolers often dream to become teachers, firemen, and police officers, as well as NBA stars and mainstream rap artists.

David says that the Dare to Dream Program teaches the fundamental business skills of goal setting and creating action plans to obtain those goals. He says that the Dare to Dream program makes sure to help the kids understand that it’s important to have a back up dream if the kids dream has to do with sports or entertainment. “We’re big on reality. We have to let the youth know that in real life you don’t see many 50 year old rappers or sports figures. You have to plan a dream to fall back on.”

“Pretty soon,” he says, “these kids will be in high school and growing up. They need to be involved, informed, and mature. We need to allow young people to be positive roll models in their schools.”

In addition to the Dare to Dream Program, David is working hard to help with the Waco, We Care initiative, also through Right Track Ministries. This program is on its way to connecting volunteers and communities to work in cleaning up their neighborhoods and helping local businesses to be more attractive to Waco’s youth.

The goal is to see more youth-friendly businesses where young people can go to be safe from the dangers of street life, drugs, alcohol and promiscuity.

So far, the Waco, We Care program has cleaned two chronic dump sites in East Waco. City of Waco Code Enforcement provides a list of chronic dump sites that need special attention. David says that cleaning those neighborhoods “brings a sense of pride back into those communities.” Often times, as he says, “people need to see that some one cares.”

He hopes to increase his list of volunteers so they can target more neighborhoods to be cleaned. Unfortunately, the trash usually follows behind the clean-up crew and the streets are soon filled with more litter. David hopes to work with the city to see tougher code enforcement on many of these chronic sites. He understands that the city has their hands full and is brainstorming with other Wacoans to come up with a solution to keep cleaned sites clean.

Waco, We Care has also started conversations with the owner of The Gizmo Guru. The group would like to see a family friendly destination for extreme fun, and The Gizmo Guru’s 30+ acres is the perfect place to start building. Additionally, David sees other local businesses that could benefit from their efforts to bring more family-friendly fun to Waco.

David’s goal is “to prove to America that a city can sustain itself.” He believes that Waco is the perfect place to start living that dream. He acknowledges that there is a lot of work to do, and he hopes that more people and businesses can get involved.

David believes that these programs offer great ways for local businesses to get involved and invest in local talent that will prove vital to Waco’s economic future, and that these programs and their ideas for the future will help build vital life-skills for kids in helping them to stay off the streets, set goals, achieve their dreams, and do it through hard work and dedication.

“Nothing but good can come out of this,” he says. “I am blessed to be able to give back to my community.”

3 responses to “Polatik: Much More Than a Rap Song

  1. That was pretty terrible. Up there with the Flotilla Choir and Trade Martin; I’m sure I’d hate it more if I could be arsed to pause Fennesz when playing the video.

    Are there any good right-wing musicians nowadays?

  2. I meet Polatik yesterday at a local Walgreens in Fort Worth, Texas. Wow! What a man of GOD!!! If people of this world had half his faith in GOD this world would be a better place. His little 2 yr old girl is battling cancer and he still stands strong in faith. Check out the song he wrote for her, http://www.youtube.com/polatik254

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