HD-47 GOP Primary: Heating Up Fast!

On this snow filled Austin afternoon the GOP primary in HD-47 is heating up fast!

A new website attacking Holly Turner as a “carpetbagger” has been live for the past week or so followed up by mail pieces and radio ads with the same message.  View the website here, www.HollyDoesNotLiveHere.com

The website is paid for by Paul Workman who is also running in the HD-47 primary.

Here is what the website leads off with,

CARPETBAGGERS, if you’ll remember from history class, were the Northerners who came down to the South around the end of the American Civil War. Their sole purpose was to hoodwink the Southerners — to take advantage, impose their ways and force themselves into political power.


We know that you maintain your home in Fort Worth, and that you rented an Austin apartment just so you could run for public office here. You filed your candidacy before you were even registered to vote here!

You’re not one of us. You’re not able to adequately represent us…because you don’t KNOW us!

The website also highlights a profile of Holly and her Husband Chris Turner that appeared in the Fort Worth, Texas The City’s Magazine.

Holly and Chris Turner
Bluff Street Condos

When Holly Turner left her older Ridglea-area home three years ago for her new modern Bluff Street condo, she also left behind high energy bills and extensive yard work. Today, the young attorney and her husband, Chris, a political consultant, are able to spend more time with their 7-year-old son, Carter, and less time worrying about maintenance and repairs.

David Sewell is also running in the GOP prmary.  I have not heard any attacks from his camp, is he betting that Paul and Holly beat each other up and he emerges unscratched?

If anyone has any intel or mail pieces from this race please send them to therightsideofaustin at gmail.com

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