More Heat in HD-47 GOP Primary

With 5 days till the election the heat is still on in the GOP primary for HD-47.  After Paul Workman’s mailers, website and radio ads called Holly Turner a carpetbagger and her husband a lobbyist the Turner campaign responded with the statement below and then Workman’s campaign quickly responded again.
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Holly Turner’s response to Workman’s radio and mailers.

Holly Turner Response to Negative Attacks

Recently, Paul Workman launched a negative campaign against conservative Holly Turner, claiming that she doesn?t live in Travis County and that her husband is a registered lobbyist among other things.  While Holly Turner has run a positive campaign focused on the issues and focused on knocking on almost 5,000 doors to get out the vote, Paul has decided to attack Holly with lies using direct mail and radio ads.  Here is the truth.

Holly Did Not Move to District 47 to Run for Office.

Holly Turner grew up right here in Central Texas, in Seguin just 38 miles south of Austin.  Except for moving away to attend college and law school, this has been her home.  Holly and her husband moved to Austin last summer to be closer to her family; her mother is a teacher at the elementary school Holly?s son attends. So there are actually three generations of Holly?s family living in the district right now. Not only did Holly not have plans to run for office when she moved back, she was planning to volunteer to help with Donna Keel?s campaign for House District 47.  Paul Workman now claims in his advertising that Holly moved here to run for office, but Paul should know better.  Paul and Holly were both at a meeting on Saturday September 19, 2009 (9 am to noon) with Donna Keel and others, to discuss Keel?s campaign. A little over a month later, Keel decided not to run.

Holly Does Not Have a Homestead Exemption in Fort Worth.

Paul Workman claims that Holly does not live in Travis County because she has a homestead exemption in Fort Worth.  This is not true.  Holly?s husband owns a condo in Fort Worth that he purchased before they were married.  Since moving back to Austin, he has not renewed the homestead exemption on his Fort Worth condo, and maintains it for his business travel to North Texas. Workman knows this, and a search of the appraisal district records ( shows that not only does Holly not have a homestead exemption in Fort Worth she doesn?t even own property there ? nor has she ever. Workman?s claim is totally false.

Holly?s Husband is Not a Registered Lobbyist.

Workman?s attack claims that Holly?s husband Chris is a lobbyist.  As State records show, Chris Turner is not a registered lobbyist.  Chris has registered as a lobbyist in the past but only to make sure he fully complies with all laws.  Lobbying legislators has NEVER been significant part of his work but he registered in the past simply to make sure any contacts he had with legislators was above reproach.  Holly?s husband is actually in marketing and advertising, and the majority of his company?s business is political advertising. That?s why he spends time at the Capitol. Workman knows this but in an attempt to smear Holly, he pretended that there is more to it.  Obviously, if Holly is elected, Chris would not and should not and will not lobby the legislature.

Holly Turner is conservative to her core. She?s the only candidate in this race to earn the endorsements of groups like Conservative Republicans of TexasYoung Conservatives of TexasTexas Right to LifeRepublican Liberty Caucus, and Texas Home School Coalition, just to name a few.  She is a hard worker, and has knocked on almost 5,000 doors since beginning her campaign for State House.   She is tired of the corrupt politics as usual that is destroying our political system.  Holly Turner wants to make a difference for our community, not just be another career politician.  And she believes that being a State Representative should be about service to others, not about some sense of entitlement.

To ask Holly about any of these issues directly, call her on her cell phone 512-940-3656.

Jonathan Shuffield
Holly Turner for Texas House–Campaign Manager

Stay with me here, Workman’s quick response to Turner’s response.

From Andy Kuchera, Campaign Manager for Workman for Texas

I’ve seen that the Turner campaign has recently responded to many of the issues that have been raised in this campaign.

As the campaign manager for Paul Workman, I’d like a chance to refer you to the primary sources where you can see the facts and make an informed decision —

First, Holly Turner became eligible to vote on December 19, 2010. Holly actually filed for office on December 4th (Texas GOP list of candidates and filing dates), 15 days before she was eligible to vote for herself. State law says you have to live in the district a year before the general election date in November, so she just snuck under the wire.

Holly is justifiably sensitive to her short tenure in the district.  In my opinion, I think voters just want to be told the truth; moving into the district to run for office isn’t a felony. Holly’s husband recently lost an election in Fort Worth for City Council (see the story) so they were apparently looking to make a new start. Just how quickly a new start seemed to surprise many.

We find it interesting that Holly Turner claims she moved here last summer, even as September 2009 Fort Worth Magazine was doing a profile on her and her husband.  In the profile, Holly claimed “We love being downtown.” See a copy of the magazine article. I guess September could still be considered summer.  It is still pretty hot in September.

Holly’s husband was a registered lobbyist when Holly moved to town and filed for office. He was a registered lobbyist through the end of 2009 and has been a registered lobbyist for the past three legislative sessions.

For the past 30 or so days, it appears he has not renewed his registration. Holly claims that he wasn’t “really a lobbyist” and just did it to comply with “all the laws.” Actually, there are laws that show that if you do less than 20% of your business with lawmakers then you don’t have to register as a lobbyist. Again, this is just a pathetic denial of the facts of the matter.

Here is a short list of Chris’s clients — it seems like a robust list to me. Don’t know what entails becoming a beer lobbyist, but count me as curious.

·       Anheuser-Busch Inc.

·       Bank of America N.A.

·       Carlisle & Gallagher Technology Incorporated

·       Crescent Real Estate Equities LTD

·       Harvest Partners Ltd.

·       Positive Pain Management

·       Provident Realty Advisors Inc.

·       San Jacinto Public Affairs L.L.P.

·       Texas Music LLC

Also, Holly Turner’s husband has a condo in Fort Worth where he claims his homestead exemption. (Holly’s personal financial statement saying so) Because they are a married couple, of course, they only share one homestead exemption — it is their homestead exemption.  Candidates are forced to file a personal financial disclosure and this condo in Fort Worth is listed on her report.  Of course, if she owned property in Travis County she could gain a homestead exemption here in Austin.

That being said, Paul’s campaign is about much more than this and we’ve spent our time talking about protecting Texas from an overbearing federal government, ending traffic gridlock, border security and education. Paul has spent 25 years in this area — working to build a local construction company.  He’s out there talking to voters, making calls and leaving messages — he knows there are only a few days left in this primary.

In my mind, Holly’s persistent conflict of interest and newness to the area aren’t necessarily a disqualification — but you have to wonder, when you can’t answer basic questions with integrity, it does speak to the type of campaign you are presenting to the voters.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and I hope I have a chance to work with each of you going forward.


Andy Kuchera
Campaign Manager
Paul Workman for Texas

Now it is up for the voters to decide.  Early voting ends tomorrow. Find your early voting locations here,

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