Earmark Queen

In recognition of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s fiscally irresponsible 17 years in Washington, Texans for Rick Perry has released a new video, “Earmark Queen,” now available at www.YouTube.com.

“Earmark Queen” is performed by Stephanie Daulong, an Austin, Texas, resident who appeared on Season Nine of “American Idol,” and is produced by Adam McInnis.

Lyrics to “Earmark Queen”
In Washington restraint is low
Looking out for yourself we know
Where they spend all the money
Growing the debt
You have become the Queen

Every Texan wonders why
The things you say turn into lies
Voting for the bailout why oh why?
You’re always flip-flopping
And when it’s time to vote

You are the Earmark Queen
Spend and spend wasting our money
Earmark Queen spend and spend
From the Treasury oh no!

You can spend you can bailout
Giving away all the cash
Fund that pork waste money
You are the Earmark Queen

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