HD 47 Runnoff Update

Former HD 47 Republican candidate David Sewell has endorsed Paul Workman in his runoff election against district new comer Holly Turner.

Previous posts on this race have highlighted the attacks that the campaigns have been throwing at each other.



From the Austin American Statesman

In House District 47 runoff, former candidate endorses Workman

By Corrie MacLaggan | Wednesday, March 17, 2010, 01:19 PM

Former House District 47 candidate David Sewell has endorsed Paul Workman over Holly Turner in the GOP runoff in southwestern Travis County.

In the three-way GOP primary contest March 2, Workman got 39.4 percent of the vote, Turner got 35.6 percent and Sewell got 25 percent. Workman and Turner advanced to the April 13 runoff. They’re competing for the chance to take on incumbent Democrat Valinda Bolton this fall.

“Paul is a successful leader, has a long history of community involvement in our district, and demonstrates rock-solid conservative values,” Sewell said in a statement. “These are the reasons why I am proud to endorse him for the Texas House of Representatives.”

Republicans have set their sights on the seat that Bolton narrowly won in a re-election bid in 2008.

Workman, who has lived in Travis County for 25 years, has criticized Turner for having moved to the district last summer. Turner, though, says she’s been getting to know the district well through an aggressive door-knocking campaign.

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