Baylor Professor Gayle Avant Joins Race for Averitt’s SD-22 Senate Seat

Baylor Political Science professor Gayle R. Avant has jumped into the race to replace retired Senator Kip Averitt in the upcoming special election that Governor Perry called for May 8th, 2010.  So far Professor Avant is the only Democrat to jump into the race.  For more information on his candidacy check out the Waco Tribs story.

The announced Republicans are former State Senator David Sibley, Lt. Col. (Ret.) Brian Birdwell and Tea Party favorite Darren Yancy.

Having been a student of Professor Avant’s I can vouch for his depth of knowledge of constitutional law and the political process.  I can also vouch for the fact that he thought it was hilarious that the infamous Baylor satirical newspaper The Rope always honored him and his unique mustache with articles like the one below.  When ever he was bestowed one of these “honors” he would proudly bring it up in class and show off the article.

Lets hope he brings his sense of humor with him on the campaign trail.

From The Rope. Note that The Rope is a satirical newspaper and is no way shape or form to be taken seriously, so don’t take this article too seriously….

Professor Avant: Proud Mustache Aficionado

Gayle Avant, 69, of Waco, has spent decades at Baylor teaching  courses on the U.S. Constitution, American government and economics. He  plans to retire this summer.
Photo courtesy of the Waco Trib
For a look at the Baylor co-eds behind The Rope check out this profile by The Baylor Magazine on the student group that published The Rope, The NoZe Brothers.
The NoZe Brothers ‘Undressed’
The NoZe Brothers, a group of about 25 male and female students, are to Baylor what cockleburs are to a field of bluebonnets – irritating, prickly, sometimes even a little painful. And despite periodic eradication, they keep coming back, tenacious and tough as any weed must be to survive.

But then, a weed to one naturalist may be a beautiful flower to another. How does one characterize the NoZe, a self-proclaimed (and self-acclaimed) satirical, countercultural group whose mission is to poke fun at Baylor, to put the “pie” in piety, the “pun” in punctilious?

Full Article here.

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