Flickr: My New Obsession

After reading the New York Times article below Flickr has become my new obsession.  I have used Flickr before for political campaigns, but never for personal use.  My new Flickr page is a combination of personal and campaign photos I have taken.  While exploring Flickr I stumbled across the relatively new art of HDR photos.  Stuck In Customs have some great HDR photos of Austin and the Texas Capitol.  It would be fun to see some HDR photos of political scenes and rallies not just landmarks and buildings.

Here is my personal flickr page, let me know what you think!  I will lead it off with “A Deadly Choice” from a Pro Life Rally on the south steps of the Texas Capitol.

And now a personal photo of my dog, “Hank The Cowdog”

Here is the New York Times article that sparked my interest.  I will anxiously be awaiting a contract from Getty Images

For Photographers, the Image of a Shrinking Path

Nicole Fruge for The New York Times

By the time Matt Eich entered photojournalism school in 2004, the magazine and newspaper business was already declining.

Matt Eich, a freelance photojournalist, edits photos in his Norfolk, Virginia home-office.

But Mr. Eich had been shooting photographs since he was a child, and when he married and had a baby during college, he stuck with photography as a career.

“I had to hit the ground running and try to make enough money to keep a roof over our heads,” he said.

Since graduation in 2008, Mr. Eich, 23, has gotten magazine assignments here and there, but “industrywide, the sentiment now, at least among my peers, is that this is not a sustainable thing,” he said. He has been supplementing magazine work with advertising and art projects, in a pastiche of ways to earn a living. “There was a path, and there isn’t anymore.”

Then there is D. Sharon Pruitt, a 40-year-old mother of six who lives on Hill Air Force Base in Utah. Ms. Pruitt’s husband is in the military, and their frequent moves meant a full-time job was not practical. But after a vacation to Hawaii in 2006, Ms. Pruitt uploaded some photos — taken with a $99 Kodak digital camera — to the site Flickr.

Since then, through her Flickr photos, she has received a contract with the stock-photography company Getty Images that gives her a monthly income when publishers or advertisers license the images. The checks are sometimes enough to take the family out to dinner, sometimes almost enough for a mortgage payment. “At the moment, it’s just great to have extra money,” she said.

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