Vote Today: Primary Run Off Elections

Vote today in the 2010 Republican Primary Run Off Election.  Polls are open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Your voting location may have changed, please double check here, Texas Secretary of States Election Office.

All registered voters are eligible to vote in the Republcian Priamry Run Off Election as long as they did not vote int he March 2nd Democratic Election.

In Central Texas we have a couple of races to vote for.

Texas Supreme Court Run Off Candidates

Rick Green

Debra Lehrmann

SBOE Run Off Candidates

Brian Russell

Marsha Farney

HD-47 Run Off Candidates (South West Travis County)

Paul Workman

Holly Turner

HD-52 Run Off Candidates (Williamson County)

Larry Gonzales

John Gordon

Another interesting race to watch outside of Central Texas is the HD-66 Texas House race in Plano.  Van Taylor has positioned himself to the right of former Plano City Council Women Mabrie Jackson.

HD-66 Run Off Candidates (Plano)

Van Taylor

Mabrie Jackson

Helpful Information

Find your Election Day polling place:;

Republican candidates running for the Texas House of Representatives in the runoff:;

All Republican candidates on the runoff ballot:;

Every thing you always wanted to know about voting but were afraid to ask:;

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