Jerry Patterson’s Take On New Capitol Security Measures

Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson’s talks with the Austin American Statesman about the new Texas Capitol security measures, that includes X-Ray machines and metal detectors at the entrances.  Like always Patterson is entertaining and gets his point across in his own unique way.

I can just imaging what some of the liberal elected officials and staff would do if someone entered their office or the Capitol with a “long gun” in the legal manner Patterson describes, or walking down Congress Avenue at lunch time in a legal manner with a “long gun.”  I think the and Sierra Club recruiters that inhabit Congress Avenue would think twice about coming up to me if I did that!

For background on the new security measure see this previous post.

400,000 Texas CHL holders are still waiting for word on how these new security measures will effect their right to carry.  State officials have said that they will still have the right to legally carry in the Capitol, but how will it work logistically getting through security while carrying?  Will there be such a burden and hassle placed on the CHL holders to pass through security that they will be pressured into not carrying while at the Capitol?

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