Texans for Rick Perry Mobile Phone App

Texans for Rick Perry has released their first mobile phone App!  This is a first for Texas and national politics.  There are a couple good Apps out their that cover the Texas Capitol, campaign finance reports and the lobby industry, but I think this is a first for an App solely dedicated to a political campaigns.  Does anyone know of other campaign across the country that has an App?

Right now the App is only available on the Palm Pre and Pixi.  Stay tuned for the iPhone and iPad App soon.

Download the App here.

Here is a screen shot from the App.

Stay up to date with Governor Rick Perry from your phone! The official Rick Perry mobile app delivers unique and exclusive content, including: * blog posts from the campaign trail * announcements made first via mobile app * information about upcoming events with the Governor * frequently updated photos and special videos unavailable anywhere else * issue updates, action alerts, and important petitions * opportunities to win special prizes and merchandise * important information on ways to help Rick Perry win in 2010 * special interactive get-out-the-vote call lists, early voting information, and other ways to help as we move closer to November * other content available only to mobile app users Keep up to date with Governor Rick Perry’s efforts to keep Texas strong and successful, and stay informed on ways you can get involved.

Texans for Rick Perry was the first Texas campaign to sponsor a NASCAR and the first to release a mobile phone App (might be the first in the nation??).  What is the next first going to be?

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