Technology and the GOP

Mary Katharine Ham with the Weekly Standard takes an in depth look at the role technology played in the successful campaigns of Rick Perry, Bob McDonnell and Scott Brown.

Austins own GOP Tech experts Vincent Harris of HarrisMedia and Will Franklin with the Perry campaign are quoted.

Finally it seems critical mass has been reached and Republican campaigns are starting to embrace “New Media.”


Web-savvy is no longer a monopoly of the political left

BY Mary Katharine Ham

April 26, 2010, Vol. 15, No. 30


Home to two-term Republican governor Rick Perry, Austin is also the newest outpost of the social networking giant Facebook, which announced it had surpassed Google as the most visited website in the United States around the same time it was announcing it would open a $3 million office here with an estimated 200 jobs. Not a bad catch for the governor, who uses a bless-their-hearts tone towards the California techies in the room when he says, “California’s got problems. They just do.”

In a second annual event, Perry has invited a group of tech wizards to the capitol from the nearby geek conference known as South by Southwest (SXSW, if you’re hip, as all attendees are). And the Silicon Valley types aren’t going to make it out of here without a lesson on the combination of tax policy and increasingly sophisticated culture to which Perry attributes his state’s success in luring companies away from the West Coast.

Perry gets a Tenth-Amendment glint in his eye as he backslaps the owners of Austin-based Gowalla, who talk about how the tax structure was a reason they based the company there. The founder of Gowalla, a young man in skinny jeans, a western shirt, and an ironic neckerchief, is exactly the kind of businessman Perry is delighted to be keeping from California.

Full article here.

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