Top 10 Texas Politicians on Facebook

Following President Obama’s success using New Media in his presidential race New Media has been all the rage these days.  A recent Weekly Standard article looked at Rick Perry, Bob McDonnell and Scott Brown’s successful New Media campaigns.

Below are the Texas politicians on both sides of the aisle that have embraced the New Media platform, facebook, and thus have been rewarded by quickly gaining thousands of followers on facebook.

  1. Ron Paul– US Congressman- 195,689 fans
  2. Bill White– Dem Gubernatorial candidate, former Mayor of Houston- 48,756 fans
  3. Rick Perry– Governor of Texas- 35,564 fans
  4. Rick Green– former GOP Texas Supreme Court candidates- 23,936 fans
  5. Debra Medina– Former GOP Gubernatorial candidate- 23,785 fans
  6. Kay Bailey Hutchison– GOP US Senator, former GOP Gubernatorial candidate- 14,790
  7. John Cornyn– GOP US Senator- 11,166
  8. Kinky Friedman– former Dem/Independent Gubernatorial and Agricultural Commissioner candidate-7,965 fans
  9. Dan Patrick– GOP State Senator- 7,939
  10. Michael Williams– Railroad Commissioner and US Senate candidate when and if Senator Hutchison resigns- 5,694 fans

It is important to note that facebook fans does not directly result in votes, dollars raised or bodies at events.  Look at Rick Green for an example.  He is number 4 on the list, but he lost his run off GOP primary election for the Texas Supreme Court.  It is interesting to note that he is only Judicial candidate on the list.  Other failed candidates with a lot of facebook fans are Ron Paul for President, Senator Hutchison for Governor, Debra Medina for Governor and Kinky Firedman for Governor and AG Commissioner.

Also I would like to see a break down on how many of the fans for each candidate live in Texas, and are registered to vote.  Unfortunately facebook does not provide that information.

Lets help Republican Texas Supreme Court Justice Dale Wainwright boost his New Media street credit by becoming a fan of him on facebook.

Why should you and your friends care about Justice Wainwright other than the obvious fact that he is a Texas Supreme Court Justice who sits on the court of last resort for civil matters in the State of Texas.

Justice Dale Wainwright has the honor of being the first African American Justice to be elected to the Texas Supreme Court with out being appointed first.  He was first elected in 2002 and he was reelected in 2008.  Currently Justice Wainwright is “strongly considering” a run for the Texas Attorney General when the current AG gives up his seat to run for higher office.  See my earlier post, “Texas does Diversity Right” about Justice Wainwright’s historic election here.

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