Austin Gets Top Honors in Relocate America Survey

Austin Gets Top Honors in a recent Relocate America Survey.

Texas Real Estate & Relocation Guide

Austin, Texas

Population: 757,688

Located in Travis County

Austin scored big points on RelocateAmerica’s 2010 TOP 10 Breakouts. Austin placed in the top ten in our TOP 10 Overall, TOP 10 Recovery, TOP 10 Earth Friendly, and TOP 10 Large Cities. That’s a lot of Top 10s!

Austin is just simply not like the rest of Texas. From the quirky cast of characters that populate Congress Avenue to burnt orange-clad University of Texas students, bats to Longhorns, four-star restaurants to down-home barbecue joints, corporate CEOs to struggling musicians, Texas’ capital city stands apart from the rest. Austin became a tech center, home to many large employers, in the 1990s. Today it maintains these identities and also fosters an increased prominence in the film industry.

It’s hip and trendy, yet in a vintage sort of way. It’s high-tech and laid-back. It’s politically charged and culturally rich. It’s eclectic by nature and creative by design. Most of all, it’s a place where people like to have a good time.

The city is the cultural and economic center of the Austin-Round Rock metropolitan area with a population of over 1.5 million. Austin was selected as the #2 Best Big City in “Best Places to Live” by Money magazine, and the “Greenest City in America” by MSN.

Full story here.

It is great to see Austin and Central Texas getting credit for doing things right!  But this being the Peoples Republic of Austin we still have a ways to go.

How would the good folks who decided to relocate to Austin feel about their residential electric bill going up by at least 57% ?

The Austin City Council is proposing to approve Item # 2 on the agenda for the upcoming city council meeting this Thursday, April 22nd.  Item # 2 says “Approve the proposed Austin Energy Resource, Generation, and Climate Protection Plan.” This is code for raising our utiltiy rates to pay for widely expensive green energy.  I am all for green energy, especially when it saves me the other kind of green.  But I am not for green energy forced upon the consumer when it is going to cost the ratepayers of the City of Austin owned ulitiy company 5 billion dollars and increase residential electric bills by at least 57 %.  If a private citizen wants to spend a ton of money to make their home or business “green” then go right ahead!  Just don’t force peoples hands.

Go make your voice heard in opposition to this.  Tell the Mayor and City Council in person you are against ITEM # 2 by signing up electronically ahead of time to speak this Thursday at the City Council meeting against Item # 2.  You can sign up today till 5:00 PM and tomorrow starting at 8:00 AM till the item is taken up around 10:00 AM.  Sign up at the kiosk in the CIty Hall Lobby at 301 West 2nd Street, there is parking under city hall.

You can also email the Mayor and City Council members here, council/groupemail.htm

Thanks to Austinites For Action for alerting the public about this upcoming vote!

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