Tejanos por Rick Perry

Texans for Rick Perry Press Secretary Alejandro Garcia’s twitter account @AlejandroGarcia exclaimed “Exciting plans coming our way regarding Hispanic media outreach for Gov.Perry’s 2010 campaign.”

Recently the new twitter account @GobPerry2010 came online, please follow along with @AlejandroGarcia!

Stay tuned for more information from Alejandro about Texans for Rick Perry’s Hispanic media outreach!

Governor George W. Bush made big inroads with the Hispanic community during his term as Governor of Texas and during his presidential campaigns.  Bush speaks fluent Spanish.  In 1998 Governor Bush won 40% of the Hispanic vote in Texas, helping to propell him to victory as the Governor of Texas.  Can Governor Perry achieve the same, lets hope so!

One response to “Tejanos por Rick Perry

  1. Courtney Robertson

    Enjoying your blog. Jon, you’re too kind to President Bush: “fluent” is a euphemism. The White camp says they have plans to get a Spanish website: y’all are ahead of the curve, como siempre. As always.

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