Monetizing Twitter

The latest trend today seems to be attempting to monetize your social media accounts.  I have been seeing tons of advertisements for services that claim to make you money off of the various social media platforms you are active on.  Most of these are scams, pyramid schemes or seem to good to be true.

However the new company “” caught my eye as being legitimate and not a nicely packaged internet scam. is a company based in L.A. that connects advertisers with “publishers” on twitter.  Publishers are celebrities and normal people like you and me who are willing to “sponsor” or rent out their twitter feed one tweet at a time to advertisers.

Here is how describes its services for twitter users interested in becoming a publisher. for Publishers: automatically sends one tweet in your feed every day from advertisers that you approve. With, you approve every ad that is sent in your feed. You set the price per tweet that advertisers pay (don’t worry, our system will suggest a price for your account). The tweet will look something like this:

The popular Tech blog TechCrunch had this to say about’s platform is designed to be self-service for both Twitter users and the advertisers. So for example, an advertiser for Dell could choose which Twitter power-user to pitch their ad too and then submit a bid to a particular user. The publisher then approves or denies the request. Once the publisher approves the Tweet, the message is sent out via their account by

On first look seems like a real business with real potential for income.  Out of curiosity I signed up for the service, but have yet to be offered a sponsored tweet.  I am not sure if I will accept any sponsored tweets yet, but I am interested in seeing what advertisers think my followers are a good market for them.  Stay tuned to @JonMcClellan and @RightSideAustin to see what I decided to do, assuming a company eventually turns in an offer.

Interested in seeing what advertisers like Sony, Microsoft and NBC think your followers are worth?  Sign up for the free service here.

Does anyone have any experience with, screen shots of sponsored tweets or know of any other coverage it has had from legitimate media sources?  If so please share in the comments section.

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