Texas’ Economic Success

Texas’ Economic Success, in Video!

Need more proof Texas is Succeeding under Governor Perry’s leadership?

2009 Best Business Climate
(Business Facilities Magazine, July 2009)

5 Texas Cities Among Top 10 U.S. Metros, Overall Economic Performance
(Brookings Institution, June 2009)

#1 state for business and job growth, 4th consecutive year
(CEO survey, Chief Executive Magazine, March 2009)

One of “Five States That Will Lead Us Out of Recession”
(CNBC, June 2009)

Best State for Doing Business
(Directorship Magazine, June 2009)

No. 1 state “Where the Jobs Are Going”
(Time Magazine, May 2009)

Top 2 areas for Corporate Facility Project Attraction [1. Houston, 2. Dallas]
(Site Selection, March 2009)

Top 5 “Healthiest Housing Markets for 2009” [1-Houston, 2-Austin, 3-Fort Worth, 4-San Antonio, 5-Dallas]
(Builder Magazine, February 2009)

#2 on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list
(with 23 companies, FORTUNE, January 2009)

#1 U.S. Relocation Destination, 4th consecutive year
(Allied Van Lines’ 41st Annual Magnet Report)
(SIRVA, Inc., January 2009)

Foreclosure rate far below the national average
(New York Times, August 2009)

Recently Upgraded Short Term Bond Rating to Highest Level AA+
(San Antonio Business Journal, August 2009)

3 of the top 4 States to Earn a Living [1. Dallas; 2. Houston; 4. Austin]
(Forbes, September 2009)

Every major Texas city among the least stressful cities [Austin, D/FW, San Antonio, Houston]
(Forbes, September 2009)

Second lowest state debt per capita in the nation
(Tax Foundation, Fiscal Year 2007)

Rated among the most free states in the nation
(Mercatus Center, George Mason University, “Freedom in the 50 States”)

Texas #1 In Government Transparency Online
Sunshine Week, an organization focused on open government and public access to information, designated Texas as having the most transparent state government in the nation; Governor Rick Perry started the ball rolling when he began voluntarily posting the governor’s office’s quarterly expenditures online in the winter of 2006. Over the past few years, Perry has made spending transparency a plank of his budget reform agenda.

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