SD-22 Special Election: Tomorrow!

The special election to fill retired Texas State Senator Kip Averitt seat in SD-22 is tomorrow.

The candidates are below, click on their name for more information.

David Sibley (R)

Brian Birdwell (R)

Darren Yancy (R)

Gayle Avant (D)

For previous posts covering the election see below.

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SD-22 is made up of the following counties: Bosque, Coryell, Ellis, Falls, Hill, Hood, Johnson, McLennan, Navarro and Somervell.  If you live in one of those counties, please go vote!

The Heritage Alliance, a social and fiscal conservative group, emailed its members today announcing that it took a poll of SD-22 and Biran Birdwell is leading with 31% of the vote, followed by David Sibley at 23%, and 23% undecided.

I am wary of these poll numbers because the Heritage Alliance did not release the poll questions, the survey size and other details that are usually released with a poll.  Remember we saw some “polls” in the recent primary that did not release any information other than the numbers that claimed KBH was gaining ground on Governor Perry that obviously turned out to be false.

However the poll does confirm what the most likely outcome of the election is, David Sibley and Brian Birdwell will advance to a special election runoff that the Governor will call, most likely in 4-6 weeks.

The winner of the special election will fill Kip Averitt’s seat until January 2011.  The Republican and Democratic County Chairs will get together and each choose a nominee to be on the ballot for their party for the November election.  Will the GOP County Chairs choose who ever wins the special election or will they break from the voters and choose some one else?

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