Update: SD-22 Special Election Tomorrow!

The Waco TEA Party emailed out the early voting totals for SD-22.  The McLennan County voter turn out looks good for Sibley since that is his home base.  However the turn out from the rest of the counties is higher than the McLennan County turn out, and that is good news for Birdwell.

McLennan County has traditionally been the seat of power for SD-22 and the rest of the counties are looking to get one of their own in power, aka Brian Birdwell or Darren Yancy, both of whom are not from McLennan County.

“Voters don’t decide issues, they decide who will decide issues.” – George F. Will

Less than 10% of voters typically decide who is going to hold office for City and School Board elections, this year we will also be electing the Texas State Senator for District 22.  The Waco Tea Party would like to increase the voter turnout and with your help we can achieve that goal!

These are the early voting totals we were able to obtain:

Bosque – 135
Coryell -575
Ellis -1915
Falls – ?
Hill – 410
Hood – 2599
Johnson – 1041
McLennan – 3926
Navarro – 499
Somervell – 140

Total 11,400

Out of approximately 650,000 voters less than 2 percent have actually cast a ballot!  So, less than 2 percent of voters are going to decide who to send to Austin as our representative in State Senate.

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