Texans for Rick Perry: We’ve Got an App for That!

Texans for Rick Perry has released an iPhone App!  I have all ready downloaded it and I suggest you do the same.  Just search for “Rick Perry” in the App Store and it will pop up.

The left used to be able to say that they had an advantage online and with deploying new technologies to the campaign trail, but not any longer!  For a good look at the role technology has played in some recent successful Republican campaigns, including Governor Perry’s check out this Weekly Standard article.

Texans for Rick Perry today launched its new iPhone mobile application. The app offers a powerful new tool supporters can use to keep up to date with Gov. Perry’s efforts to keep Texas strong and successful, and stay informed on ways to get involved with the campaign exclusively from their mobile phones. The mobile app is now available for download in Apple’s iPhone App Store.

“I’m very proud of my campaign’s efforts to break new ground by offering a mobile phone app for those looking to stay informed with my efforts to keep Texas moving forward,” said Gov. Perry. “As technology continues to change and develop, it is increasingly important that we adapt and find the best ways to communicate with Texans across the state. With our application now available over several mobile phone services, Texans have a powerful and convenient tool to stay involved with our campaign efforts and informed of campaign news.”

The official Texans for Rick Perry mobile app delivers unique and exclusive content, including:

  • Blog posts from the campaign trail
  • Announcements made first via mobile app
  • Information about upcoming events with Gov. Perry
  • Frequently updated photos and special videos unavailable anywhere else
  • Issue updates, action alerts, and important petitions
  • Opportunities to win special prizes and merchandise
  • Important information on ways to help Gov. Perry win in 2010
  • Special interactive get-out-the-vote call lists, early voting information, and other ways to help as we approach Election Day on Nov. 2
  • Other content available only to mobile app users

The Texans for Rick Perry mobile application is now available on the iPhone, Palm Pre and Pixi smart phones. Visit http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rick-perry/id367719083?mt=8 to preview.

2 responses to “Texans for Rick Perry: We’ve Got an App for That!

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  2. That’s what I’m talking about!! We gotta keep our boy Perry for 4 more years!!!

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