Bill White’s John Kerry Moment: For Enterprise Fund Before He Was Against It

Some great moments of political history include George Allen’s “Macaca,” Howard Deans scream, the Farouk Is On Fire music video and John Kerry’s “I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it.”

Because it is to good not to post again, here is the infamous “Farouk Is On Fire” music video.

Today Bill White had his moment of greatness, following John Kerry’s lead.

As the Mayor of Houston Bill White supported the Texas Enterprise Fund and wanted the City of Houston to make their own job creation model based off of the Texas Enterprise Fund the State of Texas uses which was created under Governor Perry’s leadership.  The Perry campaign released the information below.

According the Houston Chronicle, “The mayor (Bill White) said he would follow the task force report’s recommendation of developing a multimillion-dollar enterprise fund to help biotechnology firms pay for their research with the aim of creating new jobs. Lee Hogan, chairman of the task force, said Houston receives about $1 billion a year in federal grants for biotechnology research, mostly at the Texas Medical Center. But he said the city has done a poor job of translating this research into spinoff companies and new jobs.  Hogan said the enterprise fund would be modeled after a $250 million state enterprise fund, developed by Gov. Rick Perry, which runs out of money in October 2005.” (SOURCE: “Reliance on tax breaks faulted – Report says city should use other methods to draw business,” Houston Chronicle, 9/30/2004)

The TEF has created over 50,000 jobs for Texans and generated over $14 billion in capital investments.  No wonder Bill White as the Mayor of Houston wanted this type of economic success for Houston.

Why now is he attacking Governor Perry’s successful use of the TEF to recruit jobs and drive development in Texas when as Mayor of Houston he wanted to create a TEF type fund for Houston?

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