Twitter Case Study: Rick Perry vs Bill White

Governor Perry is dominating his opponent Bill White on twitter, or “tweeter” as the Governor affectionately refers to it.  Bill White has a measly 3,694 followers compared to Governor Perry’s whopping 24,397.

The difference is Governor Perry was an early adopter of twitter and is using the twitter platform well.  The Governor shares personal thoughts, stories, pictures and some campaign updates from his twitter account.  You really get to see a behind the scenes look at the Governor through his twitter account since it is actually him tweeting!  At events you will see him take a picture with his blackberry and then send out a tweet about the event containing the picture.

The Rick vs Kay blog also took an in depth look at Governor Perry’s effective use of twitter.

Bill White uses his twitter account as an attack platform.  His most recent tweet is “Perry’s diversion of tax dollars contributed to nearly doubling of employer payroll taxes this year, read more”  Compare this to the Governor’s most recent tweet, “At Moody HS in Corpus at the College Fair. Today lives change! Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T”

If people want to hear attacks from Bill White’s campaign they can follow the campaign twitter account or a Bill White supporter.  People that are following politicians and other well know people on twitter are doing so to get a glimpse into their private lives, not to see regurgitated campaign talking points.

The Perry campaign along with their campaign twitter accounts (@GovPerry2010, @Interns4Perry) and personal staff twitter accounts including yours truly @JonMcClellan have also launched a Spanish twitter account @GobPerry2010 along with a Spanish campaign website and facebook page.  The Bill White campaign has none of the above.

The Governor’s approach to twitter has gained him thousands of followers and has lead to him being ranked as the 94 most popular Top Conservative on Twitter globally based on followers.  For those of you new to twitter the hash tag #tcot is used to mean “Top Conservatives on Twitter” and is associated with the TCOT website that ranks conservatives on twitter.

You can follow the Right Side of Austin on twitter @RightSideAustin.

Stay tuned for a look at the Top 10 Texas Politicians on Twitter.

2 responses to “Twitter Case Study: Rick Perry vs Bill White

  1. personally, i follow bill white on facebook – where he makes thoughtful observations along the campaign trail, and shares insightful comments about his platform. i appreciate that he uses facebook more b/c he has more than 140 characters to get his points across.

  2. Bill White is a communist who uses his Facebook to attack, attack, attack. He also bought his Facebook fans.

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