Update: Top Ten Texas Politicians on Facebook

I had previously looked at the top 10 Texas Politicians on facebook back in April.  Today we are going to check back in on that list and see how it has changed and see if any new comers are working their way up the ladder.  Note that facebook has changed and now instead of  becoming a “fan” a politician’s page you “like” it.  Exact same principal, just a different word.

  1. US Congressman Ron Paul is still number one with 201,534 likes.  This a about a 6,000 increase since April 20th.  How many of these supporters are from Texas?  I would guess about 1/4 of them.
  2. Democratic Candidate for Governor of Texas and former Mayor of Houston Bill White has 67,121 likes.  This about an 19,000 increase.  Bill White has been running ads promoting his facebook page, which explains the rapid increase of “likes.”  Is this a good expense of campaign dollars?
  3. Texas Governor Rick Perry has 36,528 likes.  An increase of about 1,000.  To my knowledge the Perry campaign has not run any ads promoting the Governor’s facebook page.  All of these “likes” were gotten the old fashion way, through word of mouth, and they are all FREE.
  4. Rick Green is still in fourth place with 23,820 likes, although his likes have dropped by about 1oo.  This is due to the fact that he lost in the Republican Primary runoff election for the Texas Supreme Court.  Green’s opponent who won the runoff election is Judge Debra Lehrmann and she has 1,270 likes which I think is the highest of the Texas Supreme Court candidates and Justices who are not up for election this year.
  5. Former Republican primary candidate for Governor Debra Medina rounds out 5th place with 23,476 likes.  Less than 1,00o increase.
  6. Senior US Senator and former Republican primary candidate for Governor Kay Bailey Hutchison dropped a couple hundred supporters to 14,545. KBH’s facebook page has been inactive, with the last post by her team on April 26th and the wall has been disabled.  Not a good way to gather more followers.
  7. Junior US Senator John Cornyn has a modest gain of about 200 to reach 11,320.  Senator Cornyn is not in an election this season and thus has not been pushing his social media platforms as hard as other candidates that are in an election this cycle.
  8. Kinky Friedman the former failed Dem/Independent Gubernatorial and Agricultural Commissioner candidate gained about 100 likes and is up to 8,085.
  9. Republican Texas State Senator Dan Patrick has almost over taken Kinky with 8,052 likes.  Lets help him beat Kinky!
  10. Railroad Commissioner and US Senate candidate Michael Williams (when and if Senator Hutchison resigns) rounds off the top ten list with a modest increase to 5,802 likes.  Michael Williams has more facebook followers than the other announced candidates for KBH’s Senate seat, beating out Railroad Commissioner Elizabeth Ames Jones (4,133) and former Texas Secretary of State and Chairman of the RPT’s Victory 2008 effort Roger Williams (1,936).  Although Roger Williams has the least facebook likes, he is leading in the money race.  Just another piece of data that shows that although social media is hot right now, it is not a golden bullet for campaigns.  It is a very effective tool when used properly with other campaigns tools that can help lead you to victory.

Stay tuned for a look at the Top 10 Texas Politicians on Twitter.

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