First Lady Laura Bush Texas Book Tour

First Lady Laura Bush is bringing her book tour for her book, “Spoken from the Heart” through Texas.  No matter what you think of President Bush’s presidency or what side of the aisle you are on I think you would agree that Laura Bush was an exemplary First Lady.  From her time as the First Lady of Texas Laura Bush worked tirelessly advocating for women’s and children’s issues, including literacy, education and health.  She carried this advocacy with her to the White House and the international stage.

For you liberals out there that are shaking their heads with rage about anything that even mentions the name Bush I call on you to lower your ideological blinders and put politics aside when looking at the good work the First Ladies have done.  I myself am no fan of President Obama’s and the First Lady Michelle Obama’s political views and the majority of the things the administration has done.  However I can respect and appreciate what the current First Lady is doing to fight childhood obesity with her Let’s Move campaign.

“Spoken from the Heart” is First Lady Bush’ insiders perspective on her and her husband, President George W. Bush’s life from Texas to the White House and back.

With rare intimacy and candor, Laura Bush writes about joining one of America’s most prominent political families, as well as her deep longing for children and her husband’s decision to give up drinking. In 2001, she moved into the White House. She captures presidential life in the harrowing days and weeks after 9/11, when fighter-jet cover echoed through the walls and security scares sent the family to an underground shelter. It was a time that would also transform her role. One of the first U.S. officials to visit war-torn Afghanistan, she reached out to disease-stricken African nations and tirelessly advocated for women in the Middle East and dissidents in Burma. She championed programs to get kids out of gangs and to stop urban violence. In these pages, she reveals her public triumphs and personal tribulations and the story of real life inside the White House. Laura Bush’s compassion, her sense of humor, her grace, and her uncommon willingness to bare her heart make this story revelatory, beautifully rendered, and unlike any other first lady’s memoir ever written.

Laura Bush was the First Lady of the United States from 2001-2009.  She lives in Dallas, TX with her husband, President George W. Bush, and is the mother of twin daughters, Barbara and Jenna.

You can meet the First Lady at the following Texas stops of her Book Tour!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Austin, TX
Book People Event
@7:00 PM
Riverbend Center
4214 North Capital of Texas Highway
Austin, TX

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Midland, TX
Book Signing
@3:30 PM
George W. Bush Childhood Home
1412 West Ohio Avenue
Midland, TX

Monday, June 28, 2010

Waco, TX
Book Signing
@7:00 PM
2432 West Loop 320
Waco, TX
For a more hard nosed partisan look at the Bush Presidency from a Bush insider check out Karl Roves new book, Courage and Consequence.  I am currently reading this and enjoying Karl Rove’s back story on how he rose through the ranks of Texas politics.  Rove was recently in Austin on the UT campus promoting his book.  It being UT and all some interesting things happen, check out the coverage here.

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