Ruger .380 True Texan Coyote Special

The firearms manufacture that makes the Ruger handgun is capitalizing on the recent news reports that Texas Governor Rick Perry shot and killed a coyote with a Ruger .380 while on an early morning jog with his daughter’s Lab.  Ruger has released a special Ruger .380 commemorating this occasion.

On the box it comes in it says “For Sale to Texans Only.”  It says “Coyote Special” on one side of the barrel and “A True Texan” on the other side of the barrel.  The top of the barrel has a Texas star and a Coyote howling to a full moon.

Ruger’s PR team has done a great job getting them some earned media with this!

Hat tip to for providing these details and photos!

The gun retails for about $340 and the laser site that Governor Perry uses goes for an additional $180.  Austinites can pick up their Ruger .380 True Texan Coyote Special at McBrides Guns.  Better hurry up though, only a limited amount were produced!

Robbie Cooper at UrbanGrounds has some good pictures of the Governor in action at Red’s Indoor Range with his Ruger .380.

Does anyone want to lend me $340….

Update:  More pictures from 2CoolFishing message board.

31 responses to “Ruger .380 True Texan Coyote Special

  1. Yeah…when I first heard the news report about Gov. Perry shooting the coyote using his Ruger, I told me wife that it was pretty cool that it was the exact same handgun that Gov. Perry let several of us shoot at Red’s Range.

    The other thing I told her is, that to all the skeptics out there about the Governor’s ability to hit and kill a coyote from that range with a single shot — I’ve seen the Governor shoot that little palm gun, and he’s a heckuva shot.

    I like the size of the .380, just need something with a little more pop in it for personal concealed carry. Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a security detail to back us up. If I ever have to draw and shoot, I want to stop the threat immediately and with the first or second shot.

    Which is why I carry my .45 ACP instead.

  2. As far as size goes, which one is smaller, this or the Sig P238?

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  5. If it’s going to be a commemorative item it should include the laser site to be authentic.

  6. “… while on an early morning job with his daughters lab.”

    What’s a “daughters lab?”

    And wouldn’t a paintball or something be just as effective against a coyote? They’re pretty timid, after all. (Forgive me for being so skeptical—I’m from the country and never saw a lone coyote get mean)

  7. Greg, the dog was his daughter’s lab, sorry about the spelling mistake.

  8. I wonder if the poor ol’ coyote deserved to get nailed. Just saw one on the Briscoe Ranch last week, and he was not anxious to mingle, just huntin’ jackrabbits. Nice little semi-auto, though, and less harsh than, say, a PPKS.

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  11. I think the author meant “jog” like in running, not “job”. And “lab” still wrong, in this context, it should be “Lab” as in the canine vernacular, for Labrador, as in Labrador Retriever. I would go with paint ball gun.

  12. Gov. Perry all the way, God Bless Texas !!!

  13. Janette Huddleston

    I would like to order the True Texan Coyote ruger gun for my husband. He is having his 76 th birthday on June 10th.Can I recieve it before then?

  14. Janette I do not have any of the guns for sale, you will have to check with your local gun retailer.

  15. so are you idiots gonna start carrying paint ball guns to protect your families? Let me know how that works out for you.

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  17. I carry an LCP daily. We live against several hundred acres of forest and regularly run into coyotes on our walks with our cocker-poodle Maggie. They have become very comfortable around humans and we have a friend who lost her Pomeranian to one. I would try a round into the ground first but would have no qualms about the Perry treatment if necessary.

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  19. Well said Tanner. People these days are too caught up in what’s right or wrong. Put yourself if the governor’s situation at the time and make a decision. If you can’t choose because you’re worried about the coyote you can gladly say you voted for Obama.

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  21. Ask not what you can do for your enemy; ask what you can do for your family. Then just protect it.

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  23. I hope some of you are kidding and do not really plan to shoot a coyote with an airgun, which is simply inhumane. I am 100% fine with coyotes out in the wild. If someone sees one anywhere near human habitation, I am also fine with them being humanely killed as varmits. Everyone, please check your premises for prejudice and common sense.

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  29. Coyote is also a term for paid escorts who smuggle people into the US.

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  31. If it was a gun in honor of Ron Paul it would be sold out already and on backorder

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