Liberals Howling at the Moon Over the Ruger .380 True Texan Coyote Special.

The blogosphere is a buzz about Ruger releasing a special Ruger .380, the “True Texan Coyote Special.” The right, hunting enthusiasts and lovers of the 2nd amendment all seem very pleased about the True Texan Coyote Special and the event it is commemorating.

The left however is up in arms about the whole thing.  Texas Monthly’s “In the Pink” blog by Eileen Smith leads the coyote pack that is howling at the moon over this.  Eileen is usually pretty funny when taken in the right context but goes over the top with this rant.

You know you’ve arrived when someone names a gun after you because you made up a story about how you battled with a puppy-mauling coyote while jogging, broke its neck with your bare hands, and then shot it dead as it begged for mercy in ancient coyote-talk. This is total baloney, if baloney is bull*shit. I have begged the writers here to conduct a full investigation into Rick Perry’s coyote story—why didn’t he talk about this back in February? Why wasn’t his security detail with him? Who carries a gun while running? In the suburbs? What did he do with the carcass?—but so far no one has expressed any interest. Have it your way. I’m going to break this wide open as soon as I can get the governor’s office to return my phone calls.

The statement that stands out the most to me is “Who carries a gun while running?”  The liberal left does not respect or understand the majority of Texans who participate in their God given 2nd amendment rights through owning guns, hunting, sport shooting and legally carrying a concealed weapon.  Carrying a gun while running would apply to those that legally carry a concealed weapon through obtaining a Concealed Handgun License also known as a CHL which the Governor has.

Why would someone legally carry a gun while running?  For the same reason they legally carry a gun during all aspects of their daily lives.  They take their and their family’s security and safety seriously want to be prepared if a life or death situation arises.

Over 400,000 Texans have made this choice and have obtained CHLs.  During the 2008 fiscal year 73,090 Texans obtained a CHL.  Of those 73,090 Texans who obtained a CHL 1,851 or 2.53% of the statewide total reside in Travis County.  Note that this is higher than conservative and more rural Williamson County’s 2008 fiscal year total of 1,252 or 1.71% where you would expect a more positive view of guns and CHLs.

Harris County leads the state with 10,959 CHLs issued to Harris County residents in the 2008 fiscal year, followed by Tarrant County with 5,654 and Dallas County comes in a close third place with 5,521.

Here is my original post on the Ruger .380 True Texan Coyote Special.

All of the CHL information above and more can be found on the DPS website.

5 responses to “Liberals Howling at the Moon Over the Ruger .380 True Texan Coyote Special.

  1. Eileen Smith is not all that funny. She wishes she was Wonkette, but she’s not.

  2. Last Republican in 78704

    Yeah, I call “bologna” on the notion that Eileen is funny.

    The story is not nearly unbelievable as the thought that Texas Monthly makes any sort of net income from her blog posts…

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  4. I think it’s stupid to blame the “liberal left side” in particular. I consider myself liberal. One thing I hate is when people assume they know what I think because I say I’m liberal. I don’t like this gun, because I think it’s dumb. I’ll pay less for the regular LCP. Hell why carry a 380 anyways? Subcompact 9mm is more logical. 9mm rounds are cheaper, and more accessible. Remember that bullet shortage all the right wingers wanted to blame Obama for? I never had trouble finder 9MM for my Ruger. I love my guns to, but I’m not sure I buy this coyote story. Just because you think you can label someone doesn’t mean you know anything about them. “Liberal left”? Please.

  5. Who carries a gun while running? Maybe a woman who doesn’t care to be assaulted, robbed or raped while out exercising. Just refer to the numerous police blotters detailing such instances.

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