President George W. Bush Joins Twitter

Former President George W. Bush has joined twitter along with his new facebook account.  His timing is great, since his wife, former First Lady Laura Bush is out promoting her new book Spoken From the Heart and President Bush will be releasing and promoting his new book soon too.

So far it is obvious that a PR firm is handing the Presidents facebook and twitter updates to help promote his upcoming book and the First Lady’s current book.  It would be great if the President took a page from Governor Rick Perry’s twitter playbook and started updating his twitter account himself with personal thoughts, photos and tidbits.  I would love to get a glimpse inside the life of a former President!

I am going to make a very bold prediction and say that President Bush’s twitter account along with his facebook account with soon be number one our Top 10 Politicians on facebook and twitter lists!

Can President Bush over take Lance Armstrong as the most beloved Texas tweeter with over 2.5 million followers?

Follow President Bush on twitter @George_WBush

Update: Per  ABC News Reporter Jake Tipper’s twitter post (naturally) President Bush’s twitter account @George_WBush is being controlled by his George W. Bush Presidential Center, not by the President personally.  Follow the George W. Bush Presidential Center’s official twitter account @GWBPresCenter.

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