Bill White Mocks Over 400,000 Texans

We all now know that the Liberal Trial Lawyer Bill White Who Wants to Take Your Guns is no fan of the 2nd amendment, but now he has gone a step further and is publicly mocking on twitter the over 400,000 Texans who have a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) and carry a handgun during their daily lives, yes even when they are working out.

Here is Bill White’s recent tweet.

Bill White is obviously poking fun at Governor Rick Perry for exercising his second amendment rights by legally obtaining a CHL and carrying a Ruger .380 on a daily basis, even when he goes for a jog.  The only problem is that he is also mocking over 400,000 other Texans who have made the very serious choice to legally obtain a CHL and carry a concealed weapon.  This just goes to show that Liberal Bill is not in touch with Texans and Texas values.  Liberal Bill is not fit to be the Governor of Texas.

One response to “Bill White Mocks Over 400,000 Texans

  1. Casual Observer

    Wow, this was probably the dumbest thing I’ll read all week. Thanks for writing this hack job about a joke directed at Perry through twitter. This is so prescient and ground breaking. Keep up the good work setting new records for irrelevant noise reporting.

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