Texans for Rick Perry just released a very informative site that has all of the fun facts you will ever need about Liberal Bill, aka Bill White, aka Liberal Trial Lawyer Bill White Who Wants to Take Your Guns.

The Perry campaign describes the new web site as,

As liberal trial lawyer Bill White continues to run from his record, Texans for Rick Perry has launched to provide the truth about his record of shadiness and mismanagement.

“ will serve as a resource for Texans wanting to learn the truth about Bill White and how his anti-gun beliefs, corrupt business practices and mismanagement of Houston make the liberal trial lawyer one of the most out of touch candidates the Democrat Party has ever put forward,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “Since Bill White has had trouble telling the truth and continues to run from his record, we hope he will find this new website useful in remembering the liberal policies he supports. The site will also allow Texans to track the number of days Mr. Bill has refused to release his taxes, which has now reached day 92.”

In addition to reporting the latest news about Liberal Bill, including videos and other unique content, reveals Liberal Bill’s support for policies that are out of touch with Texas values, as well as introducing some of Liberal Bill’s buddies.

Visitors to the site can sign up to receive the latest updates on Liberal Bill’s continued shadiness and mismanagement so they can be the first know just how low he goes. Liberal Bill updates are also available via Twitter by following @LiberalBill.

My favorite page is “Bills Buddies.” It shows all of the shady and liberal people Bill White has close ties to.  The picture on the top of the page is also hilarious.  Even the Austin American-Statesman’s fashion columnists agrees that he needs to get rid of that hat.

Take a look for yourself and explore who Bill White really is,

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