Liberal Trial Lawyer Bill White Who Wants to Take Your Guns

We all know that Bill White is a Liberal Trail Lawyer.  But now we have something else to add to his name, “Wants to Take Your Guns.”  So now Bill White should be referred to as, “Liberal Trial Lawyer Bill White Who Wants to Take Your Guns.”  Or you can try saying it this way, “Bill White Liberal Trial Lawyer Who Wants to Take Your Guns.”  If you do not fancy the first two try, “Liberal Trial Lawyer Who Wants to Take Your Guns Bill White.”  Last but not least you could use my personal favorite, “LTLBWWWTTYGs.”  Now matter how you refer to him, the point is clear, he wants to take your guns.

This is a call to action for all of the NRA members, Texas State Rifle Association members (TSRA) and lovers of the 2nd amendment.  Bill White has not and will not fight to protect our God given 2nd amendment rights, including the right to carry a concealed weapon that the NRA, TSRA, activists and legislative leaders have fought so hard for.

First if you have not joined the NRA and TSRA join them!  Help them get the resources they need to fight gun control laws in Texas and nationwide.  Second, if you are not registered to vote, register!  Get your friends and fellow lovers of the 2nd amendment to register to vote, and on election day make sure they vote!  If you are a gun owner and you are not registered to vote Chuck Norris will come and hunt you down, so just do it.

You can educate your fellow gun enthusiast about Bill White’s anti 2nd amendment stance with the information below and Governor Rick Perry’s pro 2nd amendment stance.  Governor Perry is an avid hunting and shooting enthusiast.  He has been known to bow hunt with the Wild Man himself, Ted Nugent.  The Governor has a CHL and carries a Ruger .380 with laser sites.  The Governor will continue to fight to protect our 2nd amendment rights.

Want to help protect our 2nd amendment rights from the Liberal Trial Lawyer Bill White Who Wants to Take Your Guns?  Texans for Rick Perry is looking for volunteers, Part Time Field Staff and paid interns.  Email JonMcClellan at rickperry dot org your name, county of residence and any relevant political experience to get involved!

Bill White Lying To Media About His Anti-Gun Beliefs

Missing Taxes Day 92: Liberal trial lawyer denying truth about his membership in “anti-gun front group”

Just as he has hidden his income tax returns for 92 days and counting, liberal trial lawyer Bill White is lying to the media and hiding the truth about his membership in Mayors Against Illegal Guns, an organization the National Rifle Association calls an “anti-gun front group.” [1]

“Liberal Bill White is lying to hide his anti-gun beliefs just like he is his hiding his taxes,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “The only reason Bill White quit an anti-gun front group is because a pro-gun Democrat criticized him. Bill White is trying to run from his anti-gun record, just like he is running from his record of mismanagement as Houston’s mayor.”

In addition to signing letters and being included in national newspaper ads promoting anti-gun policies, White has twice lied to reporters about his departure from the group, which White said he joined in 2006 at the request of anti-gun New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. [2]

On July 28, 2009, one day after rival U.S. Senate candidate John Sharp called on White to quit Mayors Against Illegal Guns, White resigned his membership. This date of departure was confirmed by Mayors Against Illegal Guns spokesman Jason Post on March 4, 2010. [3, 4]

However, last year the White campaign lied to the Austin American-Statesman and said White quit the group on July 21, 2009, the day the group ran a full page ad in USA Today promoting its opposition to legislation from Senator John Thune that would allow those with concealed gun permits to carry them into other states. White’s name appears in the ad, as well as on a letter sent to all members of Congress four days earlier asking them to oppose Thune’s legislation. [5, 6, 7]

White recently repeated this lie to the Associated Press, which on June 5, 2010, reported, “In 2009, facing his first statewide political campaign, White quietly resigned from the group. White says he quit because the group opposed a federal law that would have allowed conceal-carry permit holders to carry their firearms across state lines.” [8]

For years, White also supported efforts by Mayors Against Illegal Guns to oppose privacy rights for gun owners. In 2007, White signed a letter from the group to all members of Congress opposing the Tiahrt Amendment, and his name also appears in a newspaper ad opposing the Tiahrt Amendment. [9, 10]


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[2] “Guns could be a tough topic for Texas candidate,” Associated Press, 6/5/10,

[3] “Sharp calls on White to quit national anti-gun group,” Sharp For Senate, 6/27/09,

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