Buddy Jones Heads Powerful Baylor University Lobby Team

One of the many reasons you should not count out Baylor being invited along with the rest of Big XII Texas team to join the potentially expanding PAC-10 is the high powered Austin lobbyist and Baylor University Board of Regents Neal “Buddy” Jones.  First what a great name for a lobbyist to have.  Second Buddy is a very powerful lobbyist in Austin who has friends on both sides of the aisle.  Just look at the all star lobbying team he has put together to fight for Baylor’s inclusion in the PAC-10 if the Big XII dissolves.

Buddy’s lobby team is made up of Texas State Representatives and Senators that have ties to Baylor, from living in the Waco Community to obtaining an undergraduate, masters or law degree from Baylor.  For a small university enrollment wise compared to the state schools Baylor has a large number of elected officials.

According to the Dallas Morning News the all star Baylor Lobbying team consists of Rep. John Davis, Rep. Bryan Hughes, Rep. Ken Paxton, Rep. Larry Phillips, Rep. Larry Taylor, Rep. Diane Patrick, Rep. Linda Harper-Brown, Pre. Jim Dunnam, Rep. Craig Eiland, Rep. Mark Shelton, Rep. Allen Vaught, Rep. Valinda Bolton, Rep. Carol Kent, home town Rep. Doc Anderson, Rep Kelly Hancock, Senator Kirk Watson and Former SD-22 Senator David Sibley and current candidate for his old seat.

This lobby team consists of powerful Democrats and Republicans.  Both party caucus chairs are accounted for, Democratic leader Rep. Jim Dunnam who happens to represent Waco and Republican leader Rep. Larry Taylor.  The list has members who have been in office for years and freshman like Rep. Carol Kent.  The list represents almost every major metro area of Texas.

The Dallas Morning News released Buddy’s email to the All Star Baylor Lobby Team.

Date: June 4, 2010 10:49:12 AM CDT


Subject: Baylor Alert

To: Baylor grads in the 81st Legislature:

I have a critical issue that directly affects Baylor and it is very time sensitive. The Big XII and PAC 10 are both meeting separately today. According to a recent newspaper report, the PAC 10 may well issue an invite to all the Big XII South schools to join the PAC 10 – WITH THE EXCEPTION OF BAYLOR. In our stead, the PAC 10 is rumored to substitute Colorado. In this scenario, Baylor gets left out and this would be a major, major setback for our University. Perhaps a setback of immense proportion. The mere rumor of Baylor being left behind is harmful.

We cannot let the other schools in Texas (A&M, U.T., Tech) leave the Big XII WITHOUT BAYLOR BEING INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE. Long and short – if U.T., A&M and Tech demand that any move to any other conference include ALL TEXAS BASED TEAMS from the Big XII, we are golden. We need to be in a PACKAGE DEAL!

Here’s what I am asking you to do today.

Please call the following:

1. Bill Jones – Former Chairman, A&M Board of Regents

2. Bill Powers – President, University of Texas at Austin (If unavailable ask for Nancy Brazzil, his E.A.);

3. Morris E. Foster – Chairman A&M Board of Regents of Salado, TX

4. Larry Anders – Chairman, Texas Tech Board of Regents

5. Kent Hance – Chancellor, Texas Tech

6. Dr. Mike McKinney, Chancellor, Texas A&M and

7. Colleen McHugh – Chairman, U.T. Board of Regents.

Here is the message to deliver:

• The four Texas schools in the Big XII conference have decades (if not a century) of history as being a family. The continuation of this almost sacred relationship is important to our State and to higher education in Texas.

• As the Big 10, PAC 10 and Big XII discuss re-alignment, the best possible scenario for these four schools (U.T., A&M, Tech and Baylor) is to stay in the Big XII Conference as it currently exists. That is the absolute BEST THING FOR ALL OF US – KEEP THE BIG XII INTACT.

• However, if some schools in the Big XII North feel compelled to go elsewhere (we hear rumors of Colorado, Missouri and Nebraska looking toward the Big 10), the next best scenario is to KEEP ALL SIX SCHOOLS FROM THE BIG XII SOUTH AS A PACKAGE DEAL. Do not leave Baylor out.

• There was a report today that the PAC 10 might extend an offer to invite five of the South schools to join the PAC 10 (Texas, A&M, Tech, Oklahoma and OSU). The report said Baylor would be replaced with Colorado. This is Armageddon for our University.

This would be devastating to Baylor and to the state of Texas. WE MUST STICK TOGETHER.

• Baylor is superior to Colorado academically. Baylor has athletic facilities superior to Colorado. Colorado doesn’t participate in the number of sports that Baylor does. Baylor’s overall record in all collegiate sports dwarfs that of Colorado. Our football, basketball (women’s and men’s), baseball, softball, track, tennis, golf programs are vastly superior to Colorado’s. The Baptist church base extends across the country and certainly trumps the University of Colorado’s local base limited to a small town in Colorado.

• I am asking you to commit to me to keeping all six schools from the Big XII South together if we can’t keep the whole Big XII intact. BAYLOR MUST BE INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE. Make it clear that when it comes to our four Texas schools, IT IS ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!!

Please DO NOT BREAK UP the history and working relationship we have nurtured over the decades.

Will you commit to including all Texas schools in any scenario that arises? Will you commit to include Baylor in any package you consider?

Please put these calls in today if at all possible. We need to stop any bleeding that this PAC 10 offer might have caused for Baylor quickly.

Many, many thanks for your assistance. This could be a pivotal moment in Baylor’s history.

Warmest regards,

From: Buddy Jones

Lets hope that this all star lobby team can be called on in the future on Baylor’s behalf on issues other than football…

3 responses to “Buddy Jones Heads Powerful Baylor University Lobby Team

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  2. Fortunately, the Big 12 stayed intact. This decision when looked back on years from now will be considered one of the smartest decisions these schools ever made. The Big12 is a superior conference to both the Pac 10 and the Big 10 and this will be proven over and over as years go by. After all, TV market is not the primary love to give back Colorado right now. I would like to see TCU and Arkansas come back in. Wouldn’t that be fun again!!!

  3. If Buddy Jones is a prominent lobbyist in texas, then you must have to be mentally challenged to become a lobbyist in that state. baylor was going to be left out because it has nothing to offer to the PAC-10 and he knows it. It is in a small hick town known as Waco, and has only a fan base in the state of texas. Colorado was in because it has SUPERIOR facilities to baylor, and actually has a fan base in states such as California, where 4/10 current PAC-10 schools reside. If you traveled to LA and asked someone where baylor is, I would bet my life they have never heard of it and would have no idea what town it is in. I may be a staunch republican, but Buddy Jones is nothing more than your typical texan who has arrogance and “pride” for a university and a state that is meaningless to the rest of the country. Also, the big 12 is a joke of a conference that features the WORST division known as the big 12 north. Enjoy playing kansas, kansas state, iowa state, and missouri. Nebraska and Colorado were smart to get out, because the big 12 will be as relevant as the Conference USA within the next three to four years.

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