Only In Waco Does This Make the News

Having spent four years of my life in Waco it holds a special place in my heart.  But that being said Waco is Waco and it must of been a really slow news day for the Waco Tribune Herald to cover this news story.  I applaud the reporter Erin Quinn on the in depth reporting, especially the viewing and reporting of the grisly crime scene photos.  However she leaves the biggest question unanswered, who is “Bucky?”

Waco stripper found guilty of punching, biting fellow stripper during argument

By Erin Quinn Tribune-Herald staff writer

Wednesday June 9, 2010

Waco stripper Amber Renee Cheek was found guilty Tuesday of assault for striking another stripper in the head with a Mountain Dew bottle, punching her and biting both of her surgically enhanced breasts.

Staci Fox told the jury she was wearing only a string thong throughout the Dec. 10, 2009, brawl with Cheek at Sonny’s BYOB in Waco, said Fox’s attorney, John Hand.

At issue for the jurors: Who instigated the fight?

Testimony revealed Cheek, who is said to be in her late 20s, was trying to leave the South Loop 340 strip club before the end of her shift, Hand said. The club’s management wouldn’t give her the money she already had earned that night, testimony revealed.

Fox, who is in her early 20s, kept interrupting Cheek’s plea to leave.

Hand argued that Cheek attacked only in self-defense. The jury didn’t buy it and took about two hours to decide Cheek was guilty.

She will be sentenced at 10 a.m. today in County Court-at-Law Judge Mike Gassaway’s court.

Fox testified that she couldn’t strip anymore because of the unsightly bite marks on her breasts, Hand said.

Crime scene photos show the bite marks, located next to her tattoo of the name “Bucky.”


Will this help Baylor’s chances of being invited into the PAC-10 expansion if the Big XII fails?

2 responses to “Only In Waco Does This Make the News

  1. Bucky is the club owner.

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