Video Documenting Bill White’s Hurricane Rita Profiteering

On the eve of the Republican Party of Texas 2010 State Convention in Dallas Texans for Rick Perry released a statement detailing Bill White’s Hurricane Rita profiteering and now this new web video to go along with it.

What sets this web video above the rest of the videos Texans for Rick Perry has released?  Bill White’s own statement as Mayor of Houston set to the Miranda Lambert’s White Liar song.

Below are the lyrics to Miranda Lambert’s song White Liar.  There are so many parallels to Bill White’s imploding campaign.  We are about to enter the And it spreads like a fire stage

Hey white liar
The Truth comes out a little at a time
And it spreads just like a fire
Slips off your tongue like turpentine
And I don’t know why
Yea I’m a white lair


“If there is somebody who has done anything improper in terms of receiving a benefit for city business, they ought to quit and hire a good defense lawyer, because we’re going to try to help the prosecutors go after them.” – Bill White

Bill does this also apply to you and the numerous companies that you have a financial interest in that unethically profited off of Hurricane Rita?

Think these web videos are tough?  Wait till the TV ads come out…

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