SD-22 Special Election Runoff Early Voting Results

Early voting turnout is high for the SD-22 special election runoff with 11,206 early votes cast.  Brian Birdwell is leading the early voting totals with 53.67% of the vote (6,015 votes) vs David Sibley’s 46.32% of the vote (5,191 votes).

This is good news for Birdwell.  The large McLennan County early voting turnout that favored David Sibley almost 2 to 1 was matched by an equally as large turn out from the remaining counties in SD-22 that favored Birdwell.

This race is not over yet, keep your eyes peeled to the Texas Secretary of States website for updated numbers as the precincts slowly come in.

Here are the latest numbers from the Texas Secretary of States website.

Brian Birdwell REP 6,015 53.67% 6,145 53.74%
David Sibley REP 5,191 46.32% 5,288 46.25%
———– ———–
Race Total 11,206 11,433
Precincts Reported 22 of 241 Precincts 9.13%

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