Texas Democrats’ Convention of Corruption

The Republican Party of Texas released these fun facts about the Texas Democrats as they gather in Corpus Christi for their convention of corruption.

The Texas Democratic Party limps into convention mode this weekend in Corpus Christi.  They will attempt to put a brave face on what has become a pattern of extremely questionable behavior and actions.  Consider the following, which is just a partial list of serious and in some cases ongoing ethical and criminal matters that are catching up to the Democrats.

The Democrats’ Convention of Corruption:
1. State Rep. Garnet Coleman, fined in 2009 for campaign finance violations and who may be currently in violation of Texas open government law, chairs the Democrats’ platform committee at their convention.
2. Former state Rep. Terri Hodge reported to jail this week for corruption conviction.
3. State Rep. Tara Rios Ybarra has been indicted in a Medicare fraud case.
4. State Rep. Kino Florres remains under indictment for a host of alleged violations.
5. State Rep. Joe Heflin fined $1200 for campaign finance violations.
6. Ag Commissioner nominee Hank Gilbert has earned the nickname Guilty Guilty Gilbert for a host of violations including theft and failing to pay federal taxes.
7. Bill White, Democratic nominee for governor, remains under fire for steering business to a company in which he had a continuing financial interest when he was mayor of Houston.

In addition to this partial list of dirty Democrat deeds, it’s clear that the Texas Democrats are controlled from Washington by the Obama Democrats and shadowy money man Matt Angle.  While most Texans oppose Obamacare, the Democrats support it.  While most Texans support secure elections via photo ID, the Democrats oppose secure elections.  While most Texans want more local control, the Democrats keep pushing for more and more federal power.

Bill White’s liberal Democrats are out of sync with Texas voters.

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